AQUAVIVA: live seafood now travels above water

Always striving to offer a large range of innovative solutions for sea transportation, CMA CGM introduces AQUAVIVA: the new generation of container allowing the safe transporation of live lobsters and in the future live seafood. This new container uses INNOPURE® technology developed by EMYG, an international engineering company specializing in professional water filtration dedicated to the carriage of live seafood.

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A new generation of containers
Best quality and conservation for seafood
The advantages of a leading worldwide shipping group
Meet our experts at Seafood Brussels 2018
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A new generation of containers


Until then, lobsters were carried either frozen or alive on ice by plane. With the introduction of the new AQUAVIVA containers, they can now travel by sea in optimal conditions mimicking their natural habitat to preserve the product’s quality. AQUAVIVA offers the following advantages:

  • Door-to-door service
  • New alternative to both freezing and costly airfreight
  • Maintains natural lobster habitat
  • Guarantees first-day freshness and quality even over a long term conservation
  • Respectful to the environment
Alexis Michel

Alexis Michel

Senior Vice President

Filled with sea water maintained at the right temperature using CMA CGM’s reefer technologies, these new containers recreate the lobsters’ living conditions and natural habitat. Each animal has its own space, just like they would while resting under a rock on the ocean floor.

Best quality and conservation for seafood


Besides allowing the transportation of lobsters of container-ship, AQUAVIVA containers provide customers with two major assets: the complete preservation of the product’s quality, and an excellent post-transport conservation.

  • First-day quality:
    AQUAVIVA technology is based on natural life conditions replicating the characteristics of the marine environment. The technology enhances the quality of seafood available on the market.
  • Reliable conservation:
    AQUAVIVA® containers extend standard post-transport shelf life of lobsters from a few days to several months. This solution is ideal for the high season and protects the well-being of the lobsters during and after transportation minimizing stress levels. During the testing phase, Rotterdam’s sanitarian authorities could observe that the lobsters were lively and full of energy.
  • Ready-to-cook commodities:
    AQUAVIVA® ensures the lobsters are well preserved minimizing wastage from departure to arrival thanks to the eco-friendly transport conditions.

The INNOPURE® technology

AQUAVIVA INNOPURE® is a unique technology developed for the storage and purification of crustaceans and seashells. It is the only technology able to filter small bacteria. It is able to take care of oxygenation, filtration and water flow in order to maintain the right water quality for long periods.
INNOPURE® is based on under-pressure oxygenation: pressurized air is being injected into the water, creating very small bubbles. Bubbles going up push the particles toward the extraction system while bubbles going down keep the water oxygenated.

With this system, crustaceans and seashells can be purified and stored for long periods. Their quality reaches international and European standards and their mortality rate is considerably reduced.

The advantages of a leading worldwide shipping group


Sea transport is recognized as being the most cost-efficient means of transportation. Being a leading worldwide shipping group, CMA CGM allows the transportation of live lobsters anywhere in the world with door-to-door solutions.

  • Time saving:
    With its global network, the Group can offer supply chain solutions direct from the fishing trawler right to your customer.
  • Long distance:
    With more than 200 line services, CMA CGM can connect your factory to any location in the world.


Lean more about CMA CGM , a leading worldwide shipping Group.

CMA CGM : the finest degree in reefer expertise

With a central organization entirely dedicated to Reefer services at the headquarters in Marseilles and a large network of experts in more than 85 countries all over the world, CMA CGM is positioned as the specialized partner for live seafood transport requiring specific shipping conditions.

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Meet our experts at Seafood Brussels 2018

This year again, from April 24th to 26th, the CMA CGM Group will be part of the largest event dedicated to global seafood market transport.

On this occasion, the CMA CGM Group will highlight its new AQUAVIVA technology allowing live seafood transportation as well as its reefer solutions.

Meet our experts at stand #5810, Hall 4


You can find the Aquaviva brochure on our dedicated page for brochures here.



Firmly believing that CMA CGM must lead by example in terms of environmental protection, the AQUAVIVA technology was developed to preserve the environment and respect the lobsters’ living conditions as much as possible.

  • Optimal conditions:
    AQUAVIVA containers have been designed with biologists to create a natural and stress-free environment. Furthermore transportation involves no chemical process.
  • Eco-friendly:
    Seafreight is the most eco-friendly transportation mode with up to 7 times less CO2 emissions emitted per container-km compared to other modes.
  • Water-management:
    On arrival the used sea water is filtered with UV light in order to clear the water of all living organism that might impact marine biodiversity.

Learn more about CMA CGM’s environment policy.

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