Build your own processes for fast and easy communication

Our API solutions simplify the daily sharing of data by creating efficient connections between your system and CMA CGM's.

5 steps to easily set your application with your first calls.

1. Browse Catalog

Find all our live API details, check pricing and pick up swaggers in our API Catalog and you can find also our terms and conditions.

2. Request a connection

Register to access to our self-service web portal and test our API and our team will join you to initiate a registration to our portal.
Already registered? Contact your usual sales representative and specify your needs.

3. Complete your registration and receive your access token

Create an account by accessing the portal with our API team support. Once registered, your information will be checked by our backend system. Upon verification, the system will activate your account, and you will receive a confirmation email giving you access to the portal along with your API token.

  • Access our Public APIs and the delivery of your API key will be completed within 2-3 days.
  • Access our Private API requiring setup information and the delivery of your token will be completed within 1 week.

4. Make your first calls using your Free Trial

Once connected, you can pick up technical guides and access to a set of a free referential APIs to perform your implementation.
You will have direct entry to our production environment limited to one month. When you reach the limit, you will receive an error message. Use this limited data collection to prototype your app and get ready for launching it to the market.

5. Go live!

Once you feel your application is ready to be used in the real world, refer to your CMA CGM point of contact to subscribe to our special commercial offers and increase your monthly volumes.

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