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June 08, 2017: CMA CGM Philippines sailing ahead with Ocean Alliance

CMA CGM Philippines Inc., offers comprehensive market coverage capable of meeting customer expectations across the globe. The innovative services permit to deliver the right combination of quality and performance across a wide range of global shipping solutions. The CMA CGM Group has been operating through a series of direct subsidiaries, each of them being a leader in its field. Thanks to dedicated teams, equipped with expertise and commitment, CMA CGM in the Philippines supports customers’ needs and ensure an excellent quality of service.
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June 01, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM in Taiwan: highly competitive and direct service portfolio in record time

Since April 1st, 2017 when the Ocean Alliance launched, CMA CGM has enhanced Taiwan services by inserting direct calls to numerous Ocean Alliance loops of services to/from Europe, Transpacific, Black Sea, Red Sea and Middle East, etc., of which most were served in transshipped modes in the past.
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May 24, 2017: Ocean Alliance Powered by CMA CGM – Fast and reliable services connecting France to Asia and America

Every day more than 400 people divided across 9 CMA CGM offices in France work with a wide knowledge of customer needs and service delivery. CMA CGM serves in France 11 ports of call thanks to 36 direct services and an excellent own connecting feedering service. Ocean Alliance permits to CMA CGM in France to enhance its services from/to Asia and America, to optimize the transit times and to offer a multitude of connections in order to respond to customer needs, who are a priority for the Group.
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May 09, 2017: Ocean Alliance powered by CMA CGM: an impressive service offer connecting Italy to America and Asia!

Every day more than 150 people divided across 6 CMA CGM offices in Italy work with a wide knowledge of customers’ needs and service delivery expectations. CMA CGM Italy serves 14 ports of call and operates an owned feedering network. Our powerful intermodal solutions offer a wide inland coverage in Italy, by using door-to-door services. With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM Italy will further expand its product offering with one of the widest port/pair coverage in the trade. The above reconfirms the company’s focus in developing innovative solution to satisfy the Italian market complexity and the highest customers’ expectations.
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April 24, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM – Rotterdam: the main gateway to Europe

Since 1985, CMA CGM (Holland) is located in Europe's largest container port: Rotterdam, commonly known as the Gateway to Europe. CMA CGM provides, thanks to 250 dedicated staff members, over 30 services to and from North Europe covering more than 160 countries around the globe. With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM will further strengthen its coverage of the Far East and Transatlantic trades.
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April 20, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM: an outstanding shipping offer from Chinese ports

Since 1992, CMA CGM has achieved fast development in China and ranked into the key players of the industry with its unparalleled service, customer care and passion as always. Covering a network of 60 branches/offices and 13 coastal ports in China, CMA CGM offers 76 shipping line services, and a CMA CGM vessel leaves China less than every 3 hours to every corner of the world. On each call, CMA CGM ships unload thousands of tons of French and European products (raw materials, manufactured goods, food, wines and spirits...) and load as much Chinese products (appliances, high-tech...). With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM China will offer unmatched shipping services for you.
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April 13, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM,
enhanced solutions for Asian, American, and Central European markets

CMA CGM Germany GmbH is part of the network of more than 600 owned agencies worldwide. The company offers innovative services, efficiency and years of shipping expertise. For this purpose they use comprehensive concepts consisting of end-to-end and door-to-door solutions. In addition, we individually combine maritime and inland shipping as well as railway transport, cargo handling and overland logistics services.
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April 11, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM,
a wide range of services connecting the UK to the world

The Group has been present in the United Kingdom for over 25 years. The Group has 17 main line services and 2 feeder services from/to the UK. CMA CGM is the largest operator, in terms of tonnage, of UK flagged vessels in the world. .
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April 04, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM,
the leading offer in the U.S. market

In recent years, CMA CGM in the United States has grown to become an industry leader, consistently outgrowing the market using an approach centered on customer service, integrity, and innovation. With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM America offers the best service ever on both coasts.
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With more than 40 maritime services and 331 ships, Ocean Alliance is the largest operational agreement ever made between shipping companies. It offers 17 services on the Asian-Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Red Sea and Middle Eastern trades, and 20 services on the North American trades making us the number one Alliance on the Transpacific. The CMA CGM Group deploys a fleet of 121 ships among the most efficient on their respective trades.
Our services will combine both efficiency and reliability. Rotations will be optimized with more ports and more direct calls in order to provide you with unmatched service and quality. The number of weekly calls and the transit times will be among the best in the market to better meet your expectations.

Rodolphe Saadé

Rodolphe Saadé

Chief Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group

Ocean Alliance is the largest operational agreement ever made between shipping companies.

With more than 40 maritime services, we will be sharing our fleet with the largest Asian shipping companies.

By offering more ports and more direct calls, as well as better transit times, we will provide our customers with unmatched quality services.

This new offering is a cornerstone of our strategy as it reinforces our competitiveness and strengthens our position as a key player in the shipping industry.

Olivier Nivoix

Olivier Nivoix

Senior Vice President - Ocean Alliance Lines

Since its launch last year, Ocean Alliance has been a great success from a customer perspective. Today, we are pleased to start this new chapter with our Day Two Product, which perfectly illustrates our customer centric strategy. By improving our services and offering our range of new added-value solutions, we continue to go beyond regular business relations with our customers by offering them an experience that meets their needs and expectations in order to build with them the shipping of tomorrow.

Key Figures

4 renowned members

7 trades

41 services

331ships121 from CMA CGM fleet

1 operational center

10year agreement


4 renowned partners

Global alliance with services available on the group’s major trades : Asia-North America, Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean

► The largest service offering with 41 services on East-West trades

► A stable and solid alliance :
• signed for 10 years between strong partners
• 41 services and 331 vessels

► An efficient alliance:
• Improved transit times on many services
• #1 Alliance of the Transpacific trade
• Greater coverage in terms of the number of ships, ports, loops and port pairs


► A top fleet: 121 vessels provided by CMA CGM

► A Customer-focused company: expertise of staff by areas and sectors and a centralization of decisions ensuring rapid response and tailored solutions

► A strategic advantage:
• Intermodal: strong network with dedicated trains, barges and inland depots/door-deliveries options
• Reefer: superior global expertise


picAsia - North America (West Coast): the Ocean Alliance offers 13 loops on the Asia - North America (West Coast) trade with efficient operations easing the customer's supply chain.

picAsia - North America (East Coast): with 7 loops on the Asia - North America (East Coast) trade, Ocean Alliance offers the most comprehensive market coverage with optimized transit times in main markets.

picTransatlantic: the transatlantic Ocean Alliance offering provides an efficient coverage of North Europe, direct access to Mediterranean countries, and intermodal solutions on the North American continent.

picAsia - North Europe: with 66 vessels and 81 weekly calls, the Asia - North Europe Ocean Alliance trade is a strong offer in the market.

picAsia - Mediterranean Sea: the Asia - Mediterranean Sea trade is completely covered with 41 vessels and 71 weekly calls reaching the main ports and hubs.

picAsia - Red Sea: ocean alliance offers two dedicated loops, 16 vessels, and 22 weekly calls to cover both the North and South Red sea trade.

picAsia - Middle East: with 5 loops and 33 vessels, Ocean Alliance covers the entirety of the Asia - Middle East Trade and also has access to main ports and hubs through 54 weekly calls.

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