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Philippe Lesbros

Philippe Lesbros

CMA CGM Vice President Asia Europe Mediterranean Lines

With 4 services and 41 vessels fully dedicated to Med trades as such West Med, Adriatic, North Africa, East Med and Black Sea, OCEAN ALLIANCE network provides the best coverage from Asia to our valuable customers.

We can deliver to our customers a reliable service thanks to CMA CGM’s intermodal solutions and our global network agency, with fully dedicated teams and their high level of expertise.

OCEAN ALLIANCE do represent today the best solution to meet our customers’ needs in terms of reliability, quality of service and tailor-made solutions.

4 Fixed-day weekly loops

41 Vessels

0.4 Million TEU capacity

71 Weekly calls

35 Ports of call


► 41 vessels for a complete coverage of the trade

► 71 weekly calls covering main Chinese, Korean and Mediterranean ports and hubs


► Benefits from CMA CGM’s global agency network, expertise and dedication, offering tailored solutions to meet all clients’ needs

► Extensive feedering network allowing:
• Seamless connections to all Mediterranean outports
• Best coverage to North Africa with 13 feeders and 15 weekly calls
• Asian connections with 4 loops in CMA CGM dedicated SEA Hub

► Strong intermodal network with dedicated trains, barges and inland depots/door-deliveries options

Local benefits

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June 08, 2017: CMA CGM Philippines sailing ahead with Ocean Alliance

CMA CGM Philippines Inc., offers comprehensive market coverage capable of meeting customer expectations across the globe. The innovative services permit to deliver the right combination of quality and performance across a wide range of global shipping solutions. The CMA CGM Group has been operating through a series of direct subsidiaries, each of them being a leader in its field. Thanks to dedicated teams, equipped with expertise and commitment, CMA CGM in the Philippines supports customers’ needs and ensure an excellent quality of service.

Learn more on our Philippines local website

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June 01, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM in Taiwan: highly competitive and direct service portfolio in record time

Since April 1st, 2017 when the Ocean Alliance launched, CMA CGM has enhanced Taiwan services by inserting direct calls to numerous Ocean Alliance loops of services to/from Europe, Transpacific, Black Sea, Red Sea and Middle East, etc., of which most were served in transshipped modes in the past.

Learn more on our Taiwan local website

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May 24, 2017: Ocean Alliance Powered by CMA CGM – Fast and reliable services connecting France to Asia and America

Every day more than 400 people divided across 9 CMA CGM offices in France work with a wide knowledge of customer needs and service delivery. CMA CGM serves in France 11 ports of call thanks to 36 direct services and an excellent own connecting feedering service. Ocean Alliance permits to CMA CGM in France to enhance its services from/to Asia and America, to optimize the transit times and to offer a multitude of connections in order to respond to customer needs, who are a priority for the Group.

Learn more on our France local website

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May 09, 2017: Ocean Alliance powered by CMA CGM: an impressive service offer connecting Italy to America and Asia!

Every day more than 150 people divided across 6 CMA CGM offices in Italy work with a wide knowledge of customers’ needs and service delivery expectations. CMA CGM Italy serves 14 ports of call and operates an owned feedering network. Our powerful intermodal solutions offer a wide inland coverage in Italy, by using door-to-door services. With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM Italy will further expand its product offering with one of the widest port/pair coverage in the trade. The above reconfirms the company’s focus in developing innovative solution to satisfy the Italian market complexity and the highest customers’ expectations.

Learn more on our Italy local website

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April 20, 2017: OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM: an outstanding shipping offer from Chinese ports

Since 1992, CMA CGM has achieved fast development in China and ranked into the key players of the industry with its unparalleled service, customer care and passion as always. Covering a network of 60 branches/offices and 13 coastal ports in China, CMA CGM offers 76 shipping line services, and a CMA CGM vessel leaves China less than every 3 hours to every corner of the world. On each call, CMA CGM ships unload thousands of tons of French and European products (raw materials, manufactured goods, food, wines and spirits...) and load as much Chinese products (appliances, high-tech...). With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM China will offer unmatched shipping services for you.

Learn more on our South China local website

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