The leading name in shipping perishable foodstuffs

When it comes to shipping your perishable foodstuffs, every detail counts. The temperature, humidity, ventilation and type of atmospheric conditions in the container must be carefully adapted to your cargo for the entire journey. Thanks to our ability to offer containers that can be set remotely from -40° to + 30 °C, as well as controlling atmospheric conditions and cold treatment, we are world No. 2 in refrigerated shipping services (Reefer containers).

  • The most technologically advanced Reefer fleet

    container With an average age of seven years, our fleet of containers for shipping perishable foodstuffs is one of the newest and most technologically advanced on the market. It incorporates the very latest innovations in terms of efficiency and service.

  • A bespoke service for our clients

    contact Our dedicated team of Reefer container experts oversees each of your projects with the utmost attention. We offer a customized solution, adjusting the settings of our containers and incorporating expert services suited to your perishable foodstuffs.

  • A wide range of services for perishable foodstuffs

    list Our containers can control and adjust oxygen and CO2 levels. They can also be fitted out for specific shipping requirements, for example with REEFLEX liquid ready for liquids, CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere for delicate fruits, AQUAVIVA seafood solution for live seafood and PHARMA reefer division for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Environmentally friendly Reefers

    list To limit your carbon footprint as much as possible, our container ships for refrigerated cargos are configured to optimize fuel consumption, while also limiting emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Specialist software makes it possible to monitor the temperature of products for the entire journey in order to optimize energy consumption.

A fleet of refrigerated container ships for shipping perishable foodstuffs

We ship your perishable foodstuffs in a temperature-controlled environment thanks to our modern fleet of refrigerated container ships equipped with the latest technologies, which is one of the biggest fleets of this kind in the world.

With an average age of seven years, it is also one of the newest and most technologically advanced on the market. Incorporating the very latest innovations in terms of efficiency and service, some Reefer container ships can be monitored and controlled remotely. They are available in different formats to meet all your needs: 20′, 40′ High Cube or 45′ (32/33 Pallet Wide).

In addition to its containers, the CMA CGM Group takes concrete measures to make global shipping more environmentally friendly.

High value-added services for refrigerated cargos

Fresh fruit and vegetables, live seafood, pharmaceutical products, liquid cargos... Your refrigerated cargos have rigorous requirements in terms of shipping conditions. We provide a 100% customized solution every time.

Tailor-made temperature control settings

Our Reefer containers feature refrigeration units that accurately control the air temperature required for your refrigerated cargos. Specially designed channels in the container’s floor allow this air to circulate continuously and uniformly inside the goods storage area.

Humidity levels are controlled in a similar way and can be maintained between 85% and 60% throughout transportation. Our Reefer containers also benefit from atmospheric control systems to adjust oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, slowing down the ripening process for fruits and vegetables.

We adjust each setting of our refrigerated containers according to the nature of your cargo:

  • Temperature control: from -60° to +30 °, with the possibility of changing the temperature during transportation,
  • Humidity control: possibility to reduce humidity by 65% to 80%,
  • Ventilation control: up to 260 m3 can be injected depending on the requirements of the cargo being transported,
  • Atmospheric control: the mixture of gases inside the containers can be adjusted.

CMA CGM+: bespoke services for shipping refrigerated cargos

CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere

To keep products fresh throughout shipping, CMA CGM uses this brand-new technology that makes it possible to maintain optimum atmospheric conditions inside your container.

REEFLEX liquid ready

The most effective and cheapest solution for shipping liquids in 20′ and 40′ refrigerated containers.

PHARMA Reefer division

A GDP* to protect the integrity of medicines during transportation. *Good distribution practices: quality standard recommended by the European Commission guaranteeing the quality and integrity of medicines during transportation.

AQUAVIVA seafood solution

A new technology designed for shipping lobsters and other live seafood under optimum conditions, allowing you to guarantee absolute freshness. This solution means that these extremely sensitive products can survive shipping.


Do you have concerns about your cold treatment process during transportation of your cargos? With this service, your company will no longer have to bear the financial consequences if there is a problem.