At CMA CGM, we believe in innovation to help you optimize your Supply Chain and identify costs reduction. This vision is at the core of our customer-centric strategy. As a privileged actor of global trade, we understand the complexity of import-export operations. The success of your activities relies on an efficient Supply Chain, requiring both visibility at global scale and real-time flexibility. That is why CMA CGM partners with TRAXENS to reshape Supply Chains through the Internet of Things.

Introducing TRAXENS by CMA CGM

TRAXENS by CMA CGM is an innovative solution aiming at bringing you logistics excellence. Dry containers are permanently equipped with an electronic device designed by our partner TRAXENS. This cutting-edge technology transmits near real-time data about the movement and condition of your cargo in transit, allowing improved transparency, safety and cost efficiency.

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Drive your Business with Near Real-Time Data

To make your logistics clearer and more efficient, near real-time data accessible anywhere at anytime will provide you with full traceability. Containers equipped with TRAXENS by CMA CGM quickly notify you of any event to help you make the right decision, like initiating exception management and emergency sourcing plans if needed.

  • Container position history
  • Dynamic update of door-to-door trip plan
  • Real-time snapshot of all containers in transit

Optimize your Logistics with Supply Chain Analytics

TRAXENS by CMA CGM will help you analyze and evaluate the efficiency of your Supply Chain and tackle concrete operational improvements:

  • Achieve a higher cargo quality management with shocks tracking data
  • Set up a cargo security strategy through door opening notifications
  • Identify lead time and operate root cause analysis
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators per door to door trade
  • Enhance your inventory management

Moreover, generated data can help you comply with processes, supply decisive data for insurance procedures, ease trade finance and enhance customs clearance practices.

Deploy TRAXENS by CMA CGM at your own pace

You can opt for a Supply Chain Diagnostic before implementing it at a larger scale. A Supply Chain Diagnostic shall be assimilated to consulting on selected trades bringing immediate costs reduction, while assessing the full potential of IoT to your organization.

Supply Chain Diagnostic components:

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TRAXENS BY CMA CGM is available from many origins… to ANY destination in the world with CMA CGM Carte EN

Additional ports can be added on demand within a 1-month period.

Why choose TRAXENS by CMA CGM?

  1. TRAXENS by CMA CGM is a performing and fully integrated product using the latest technologies. It uses next generation connectivity for a seamless tracking of your cargo anywhere, any time. A user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy set-up of alerts and personalized notifications.
  2. Whatever the carrier, containers equipped with TRAXENS by CMA CGM are fully integrated in our processes, making this technology a new shipping standard.
  3. At time of booking, when requested, CMA CGM will supply the empty containers with TRAXENS technology, with no impact on your business.

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Connect to your eBusiness portal 24/7

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  • Follow shipments 24/7
  • Prepare BL (SI, Draft…)
  • Upload & Print documents of transports
  • Access to customized dashboards
  • Receive some specific notifications