CMA CGM Group we take utmost care to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo. We are also committed to provide a safe working environment for our staff at both sea and landside when guarding and transporting your goods.

What is Verified Gross Mass?

Misdeclaration of cargo weight is a major hazard which often results in cargo claims, structural damages to vessels and also poses a significant risk to the lives of staff.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) convention under regulation 2 of chapter VI which mandates the declaration of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container before loading on board vessels within a prescribed cut-off date / time to the shipping line and / or port terminal authorities.

Effective 1st July 2016, the regulation stipulates the use of two approved methods to declare the VGM for each container by the shipper or his representative.

SOLAS regulation for weighing containers allows two ways for weighing packed containers in order to obtain the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for each container by the shipper or his representative.

As per the regulation, either of the two approved methods must be used to declare the verified gross mass:

Method 1Method 2
Real weight of the container including tare when cargo is packed

method 2

Addition of the whole cargo including packing and the tare weight of the container

method 1 VGM

For an overview of this regulation, a PDF document has been jointly published by the WSC, Regional Implementation Information (Consult FAQ), TT Club, ICHCA and the Global Shippers Forum (GSF). It is important to refer to it to get the main guidelines for the implementation of the SOLAS amendment regarding the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a container carrying cargo.

Consult our flyers for additionnal information:

VGM Submission: CMA CGM Offers Organized Procedures for Minimum Hassle

CMA CGM’s objective is to ensure easy submission of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for our customers as well as easy information exchange with terminals. As per the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations the provision of the following are mandatory. Please note that the responsibility for obtaining and providing the VGM lies with the shipper or the party designated by the shipper for all the containers:

  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass -> Numeric weight)
  • UOM (Unit of Measurement/ KGM, TNE, TON or LBS)
  • Name or Signature of the person who declare the VGM (Free text)

At CMA CGM, we bring full compliance measures on VGM requirements with minimum controls. We gather the VGM information, compile and submit the same to the terminals. Shippers can provide VGM information of their containers on their Shipping Instructions (SI) or through a separate submission. We can accept this information from our eBusiness portal, EDI and using Market Places (INTTRA, GTNexus and CargoSmart). And in exceptional circumstances we can accept manual submission using our own template.

CMA CGM eBusiness offers efficient VGM declaration

CMA CGM offers an efficient method to declare the VGM. The CMA CGM eBusiness platform provides the ability to electronically transmit the VGM. The eVGM can be transmitted along with the Shipping Instructions or independently once the booking is confirmed.

All our Shippers with an eBusiness account can avail our eVGM service online, we will also offer the service to companies authorized by shippers for managing the VGM submission.

CMA CGM eBusiness eVGM offers a comprehensive dashboard view along with an active online verification process, ensures an error free VGM submission. Shippers can rely on our single window system for real time view on SOLAS compliance.

Integrated visibility

CMA CGM eBusiness offers to shippers a unique business space, allowing you to follow the SOLAS status of all your containers in a single view.

Maximum Visibility will be also offred on VGM transmission, with a precise VGM Information status at Container level among ‘ Pending’, ‘Submitted’, ‘Integrated’ or ‘Rejected

solas 1

Online Verification Process

VGM at CMA CGM eBusiness will control and verify the data entered to limit the risk of rejections. It verifies the declared weights are compatible with the tare weight and allowed weight. The process also verifies the match between the booking number and containers.

Keeping the same philosophy of the Online Business Center, we offer several tips to improve your team productivity:

  • Mass VGM entry mode via an Excel file upload or individual entry mode via an online form.
  • Pre-fill forms for shippers with booking / BL numbers, associated container numbers and tare.
  • Easy access and cross navigation from eBusiness Booking / Shipment Dashboards for proceeding with VGM submissions.
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