A new technology designed to keep live lobsters and other seafood in ideal conditions so you can guarantee first-day quality even after a long shipping period.

  • Best quality and freshness

    Container Conditions replicate natural habitats to enhance seafood quality, reliable conservation.

  • The most economical transportation mode

    Piggybank A profitable solution, global service reaching almost every destination in the world.

  • The most eco-friendly and respectful solutions

    Ecocalc Optimal conditions for live animals. Also eco-friendly, including water management to avoid any waste.

How does it work?

  • The unit is equipped with a filtration and oxygenation system to store the living lobsters or other seafood in their natural habitat.
  • Water is ballasted every 2 hours during the voyage, ensuring your cargo always travels in clean water.
  • The mortality ratio is lower than 1%, even 3 months after container arrival.

"Thanks to AQUAVIVA seafood solution, all the lobsters we received from Canada were alive and in perfect condition. Their quality was optimal, as if they had been harvested on our own coast.

SylvainSeafood importer