Protect your valuable products against theft during transportation with the most efficient and simple solution.

  • Enhance cargo security

    Padlock Add an extra layer of security with our steel BARLOCK security device.

  • Prevent complications and relative costs

    Piggybank Securing your containers will help lower your insurance premiums by using a safer way to transport your cargo. It will also prevent the extra cost of having your cargo stolen.

  • Simple process

    Gears Easily installed, the device is delivered directly by CMA CGM to the requested depot.

  • Ideal option for the following commodities

    Commodity High-value cargo, beverages​, shoes, garments, high-tech and luxury products.

How does it work?

  • Bar locks are made of steel and are easily installed on the container to secure doors.
  • They can only be opened at the destination using a circular steel saw, making it much more difficult to breach your container than with a regular seal.
  • To ensure traceability, the bar-lock number is added in the BL.

Following two consecutive thefts during the transport of our cargo, we were looking for a simple solution. We did not want to use an escort or other complex solution. CMA CGM proposed this great alternative. Easy for us and effective against the risk of theft.

AndrewLuxury product logistics manager

With so many actors in our supply chain, we wanted to make our containers safer, especially those loaded with high-value electronic goods. The BARLOCK security device helped us improve the protection of our cargos.

MarcusSupply chain manager for a high-tech company