Thanks to COLD TREATMENT services, your fruits travel but the insects don’t. Annihilate insects, larvae, and eggs from your produce, while being carried to its destination.

  • Comply with phytosanitary requirements

    Document-Check With COLD TREATMENT services your product are effectively treated.

  • Respect environment and health

    Ecocalc No need to use fumigation or pesticides, our cold treatment process is environmentally and health friendly. With COLD TREATMENT services, you can keep your organic products organic.

  • Preserve your cargo quality

    Container-3D Enjoy the fastest route between your farm and your consumers in optimum conditions.

  • Protect your cargo

    Best-option In the unlikely case of treatment failure, unexpected costs may impact your business. A standard warranty is included in your cold treatment, but you can choose our Premium Guarantee to increase your amount of compensation for high-value cargo.

How does it work?

  • Cold treatment is done by lowering the fruit pulp temperature under a specified level and maintaining it for a certain period of time.
  • CMA CGM Group offers the option to gradually step up the set temperature once the quarantine period is completed, avoiding unnecessarily stress on the fruit.
With our COLD TREATMENT services, we assure you that a cold treatment failure will have no impact on your business since they compensate:
  • Additional costs for a second treatment process
  • Extra expenses (storage, plugging costs, handling charges, etc.)
  • Rerouting expenses
  • Damage to your goods (as extension of failed cold treatment)
The standard guarantee may be upgraded upon your request for an additional premium warranty.