Get your cargo ready just the way you need it

One of the main way to ensure an optimal cargo quality is to be able to configure and prepare the container you use to your specific business needs. With a whole range of services dedicated to help you prepare and ship your containers in the easiest and most efficient way, we offer you the key to timely and serene cargo transportation.

GARMENT ON HANGER, the fashion-friendly container

If you work in the textile industry and need to ship sensitive garments like suits, silk or leather clothes, you will be pleased to know that we can equip your container with hangers.

Transport your garments in a safer, easier and cheaper way

  • Ship your goods in safer conditions than with standard packing
  • Optimize the packing/unpacking process and save time and costs at the source and destination
  • Reduce ironing costs at destination

Select the technique that best suits your needs:

For heavy garments with low creasing potential

  • Technical standard string: 20’ = 220 pieces / 40’= 440 pieces, Max pay load per bar : 300 kg
  • Strap: 20’= 165 pieces// 40’= 330 pieces, Max pay load per bar : 500 kg

Fragile garments with high creasing potential

Technical standard 2-tier cross bar per container, 20’ = 11 bars per tier 40’ = 22 bar per tier, Max payload per bar : 150 kg

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BAR LOCKS, add extra protection to keep your cargo safe

Theft issues can generate stress when it comes to transporting high-value cargoes.

CMA CGM Bar Lock

By adding steel bar locks to your container’s doors, it makes it much more difficult and long to open for eventual thieves and keep your cargo as safe as possible during transportation.

Bar locks will help you save costs and avoid complicated insurance claims.

One of our clients in the tobacco industry reduced incidents from 4 to 0 in 18 months thanks to steel bar locks.

Bar locks will remain sealed the entire way and only be opened at the destination using a circular steel saw.

To order a container with a bar lock with your regular security seal - just ask your local representative!

Reduce risks and costs

  • Reduce risks of cargo theft and all its consequences
  • Reduce insurance fees
  • Have a strong safety device simply delivered with your container
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PREMIUM GRADE CONTAINERS, make sure your cargo travels in first class

At any moment and for any reason, you may have cargo that needs to be transported in optimal conditions.
With CMA CGM, you can select a PREMIUM GRADE or a FOOD GRADE container. These high quality containers are particularly clean and totally watertight. They don’t produce any strong smells, mould or any other type of contamination.
Premium Grade Container

The best condition for your cargo

  • Transport your cargo in the best possible conditions or according to best practices
  • Comply with regulations when applicable

Discover our Premium or Food Grade Container


  • No strong or offensive odours. No residues in the interior
  • No condensation: floor, roof and side panels remain dry
  • Light and waterproof : tightly closed doors
  • No transferable floor stains. No concentrated rust spots
  • No nails or steel patches. The floor is flushed and screws are sunk before use
  • Interior panels are always clean (spots on the panels are accepted if no residue comes off when rubbed by hand)
  • Old IMCO labels, warning labels, fumigation labels and packing lists are all removed before use.

Same as FOOD GRADE containers, with the following extras:

  • No rust spots. No stains
  • No signs of mold, mildew or fungus
  • No IMO/UN hazardous labels on panels. No signs of contamination
  • Premium grade containers are selected and thoroughly washed and prepared. Any rust stains are removed using appropriate paint
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HUMIDITY CONTROL, take extra care of your sensitive shipments

Take extra-special care of your sensitive cargo, protect it from humidity and preserve its quality thanks to a dedicated range of CMA CGM services.

  • Ensure your cargo quality by adding humidity protection
  • Select an option to suit you or for maximum protection, ask for a tailor-made solution to your local agent

Examples of humidity control products:

Silica gel: we can insert bags of silica gel into your container to protect your products from humidity.
Carton/Craft Lining: we can line the interior of your container with cardboard or craft paper.
Bamboo Flooring: we can offer you a container with eco-friendly bamboo flooring, which has natural humidity-control features.

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