As Reefer experts, CMA CGM team can provide you with the best Reefer containers and services available on the market, relying on innovative technologies.

Our Special Services for Refrigerated Cargo will bring you unmatched expertise, allowing you to offer the best possible product quality


For more than 40 years, the preservation of products integrity during transport is a fundamental priority for the CMA CGM Group, particularly for sensitive products such as medicines that directly affect public health and patients' quality of life. CMA CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport and logistics, is raising the international standard to its highest level and has created a unique offering on the market including a GDP compliant Pharma Procedure.


Security procedures

  • Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)
  • Clean, dry and odour-free container
  • Locked keyboard
  • Newest containers
  • Container mapping
  • Limited number of handling points
  • Sealed equipment

Quality management

  • Compliance with the Good Distribution Practices published by the European Union Commission
  • Certification ISO 9001:2015 of CMA Ships, our fleet management subsidiary
  • Risk assessment

Closed monitoring of outsourced activity

  • Selection of best in industry business partners and subcontractors
  • GDP-related requirements include contracts with subcontractors
  • Regular audits and self-inspections

Transparency and Live Monitoring

  • Temperature records data
  • Connected Containers services
  • Data analysis

A dedicated team of experts

  • Technical support team running 24/7
  • Technician onboard monitoring Reefer units
  • Spare part kits available onboard
  • Three operation centres
  • Dedicated Pharma team in headquarters

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REEFLEX, our most advanced solution for the transportation of liquids

Shipping finished products like drinks or raw liquids and semi-finished ingredients is a delicate operation that requires extra-special attention and care.

That’s why, in partnership with Liqua and Teconja, we have created REEFLEX, the most advanced solution for the transportation of liquids in 20ft and 40ft reefer containers.

The perfect solution for a liquid producer or manufacturer, REEFLEX opens a world of opportunities to help you expand your activity across borders.

Key Benefits

  • Large volumes, robustness and economy of scale
  • Quality preserved
  • Reliability, simplicity and speed
  • Hygiene and Eco-Friendly

Get some real business advantage

  • Up to 20% more payload*
  • The light weight of material composition allows you to have less packaging tara
  • No inventory for empty packaging (Drums/Bins/IBCs)
  • Up to 80% labor cost savings** from packaging, filling, handling, empty packaging storage
*in a 40RH container compared to drums **compared to drums

Reeflex technical details

  • The first and only Monobloc (one piece) Flexitank available for 20' and 40’ reefer containers
  • Direct filling: no need to go inside the container to load or discharge, in line with health and safety standards
  • Multilayer Wave breaking design, specially patented for a more stable journey
  • Made of food-approved raw materials. 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Cost savings thanks to less packaging and loading time
  • Huge capacity: between 12,000 to 26,000 liters
  • Temperature tolerance between -25°C to +30°C
  • Raw materials, Polyethylene, polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Bottom valve camlock 4”
  • Optional : EVOH oxygen barrier, gamma sterilization

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CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE, extend your produce shelf-life

Ambient air generates product quality issues when it comes to fruits.

Most perishable goods require specific temperatures, humidity levels and air quality during cargo to avoid ripening process and prolong the storage period.

CMA CGM’s Controlled Atmosphere Technologies modify and adjust the nature of the air in the container (specifically CO2 and O2 levels) thus allowing to manage the way fruit cargoes breathe and increasing shelf-life, by being able to monitor and control CO2 in addition to humidity, ventilation and temperature.

Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere Technology

  • Maintain an uninterrupted controlled atmosphere and refrigerated environment inside containers to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Remove ethylene from the air to help slow down the ripening process of fruits and vegetables
  • Controlled Atmosphere is a special mixture of gases, that could be, passive (relying on cargo respiration) or active (machine-created atmosphere).
  • Delivery to remote markets and new destinations is now possible!

A better product quality for a longer time

Ensuring a constant product quality

  • Controlled atmosphere technology controls the atmosphere inside containers
  • Enhanced functionality to help slow down the ripening process of fruits and vegetables by removing ethylene

Extending time of distribution to reach markets with longer transit times

  • By accurately controlling the temperature and the atmosphere surrounding the cargo, shelf life of fruits can now be extended
  • Delivery to remote markets and new destinations made possible

Discover our most advanced Active Controlled Atmosphere Technology:


At CMA CGM, we are committed in providing excellence at every step of the journey. We know that certain highly sensitive commodities such as fresh fruits and vegetables, require special attention due to their biological specificities, and maturation time. That’s why we are introducing CLIMACTIVE: the latest and most advanced solution to maintain product freshness to destination by faster reducing the level of oxygen inside the container equipped with DAIKIN Active CA. This is a new step forward in our reefer offer enabling us to meet your expectations.​

With CLIMACTIVE, we can control the refrigerated container to prevent the maturation process of your fruits or vegetables and deliver higher quality at destination.

Commodities : High added value products (blueberries, asparagus, etc.), Long transit time (snow peas, melons, etc.), Organic products (grapes, bananas, etc.).​

Climactive benefits

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COLD TREATMENT, keep your head cool

Cold Treatment is done by lowering the fruit pulp temperature to a specified level and maintaining it for a specified time period before bringing it back up.
It ensures the removal of possible parasites without requiring pesticides or fumigation and without damage to the commodity involved.
Those period of time and specific temperature are established by phytosanitary authorities of the importing countries to protect their agricultural industry from unwanted pests such as fruit flies.

Most importers are required to use Cold Treatment for regulatory reasons and it is under your carrier responsibility to deliver.

To avoid any financial impact in case of cold treatment technical failure, CMA CGM offer a Cold Treatment Guarantee to its clients.

Cold Treatment

Preserve your cargo quality

  • Effectively exterminates fruit flies and larvae
  • Eliminates the need for fumigation using chemicals that are prohibited in many countries
  • Allows perishables to get to market much faster and in optimum condition compared to land-based cold treatment in cold storage
  • Enables products to command premium value and meet consumer’s preference for non-fumigated produce

Cold Treatment Guarantee

We guarantee you that a cold treatment failure will have no financial impact on your business.

Our Cold Treatment Guarantee compensates the following consequences that you may possibly incurred in case of a cold treatment failure, especially if your goods are rejected by the phytosanitary authorities at destination:

  • Damage to your goods due to Cold Treatment failure
  • Additional costs for a second cold treatment process
  • Extra expenses (storage, plugging costs, handling charges…)
  • Loss of profit
  • Rerouting expenses

Cold treatment guarantee

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AQUAVIVA, live seafood now travels above water

Always striving to offer a large range of innovative solutions for sea transportation, CMA CGM introduces AQUAVIVA: the new generation of container allowing the safe transporation of live lobsters and in the future live seafood. This new container uses INNOPURE® technology developed by EMYG, an international engineering company specializing in professional water filtration dedicated to the carriage of live seafood.

A new generation of containers


Until then, lobsters were carried either frozen or alive on ice by plane. With the introduction of the new AQUAVIVA containers, they can now travel by sea in optimal conditions mimicking their natural habitat to preserve the product’s quality. AQUAVIVA offers the following advantages:

  • Door-to-door service
  • New alternative to both freezing and costly airfreight
  • Maintains natural lobster habitat
  • Guarantees first-day freshness and quality even over a long term conservation
  • Respectful to the environment

Best quality and conservation for seafood


Besides allowing the transportation of lobsters of container-ship, AQUAVIVA containers provide customers with two major assets: the complete preservation of the product’s quality, and an excellent post-transport conservation.

  • First-day quality:
    AQUAVIVA technology is based on natural life conditions replicating the characteristics of the marine environment. The technology enhances the quality of seafood available on the market.
  • Reliable conservation:
    AQUAVIVA® containers extend standard post-transport shelf life of lobsters from a few days to several months. This solution is ideal for the high season and protects the well-being of the lobsters during and after transportation minimizing stress levels. During the testing phase, Rotterdam’s sanitarian authorities could observe that the lobsters were lively and full of energy.
  • Ready-to-cook commodities:
    AQUAVIVA® ensures the lobsters are well preserved minimizing wastage from departure to arrival thanks to the eco-friendly transport conditions.

The INNOPURE® technology

AQUAVIVA INNOPURE® is a unique technology developed for the storage and purification of crustaceans and seashells. It is the only technology able to filter small bacteria. It is able to take care of oxygenation, filtration and water flow in order to maintain the right water quality for long periods.
INNOPURE® is based on under-pressure oxygenation: pressurized air is being injected into the water, creating very small bubbles. Bubbles going up push the particles toward the extraction system while bubbles going down keep the water oxygenated.

With this system, crustaceans and seashells can be purified and stored for long periods. Their quality reaches international and European standards and their mortality rate is considerably reduced.




Firmly believing that CMA CGM must lead by example in terms of environmental protection, the AQUAVIVA technology was developed to preserve the environment and respect the lobsters’ living conditions as much as possible.

  • Optimal conditions:
    AQUAVIVA containers have been designed with biologists to create a natural and stress-free environment. Furthermore transportation involves no chemical process.
  • Eco-friendly:
    Seafreight is the most eco-friendly transportation mode with up to 7 times less CO2 emissions emitted per container-km compared to other modes.
  • Water-management:
    On arrival the used sea water is filtered with UV light in order to clear the water of all living organism that might impact marine biodiversity.
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