Business support services from a full-fledged commercial partner

By shipping all types of cargo to destinations all around the world, rapidly, safely and efficiently for over 40 years now, we have become a key commercial partner helping businesses to grow and develop. We can help you become more competitive in your markets and expand. To supercharge your business, we are developing value-added services to support your operations on a daily basis.

A commercial partner streamlining your international shipments

We know competition is fierce in most of your markets, and as your commercial partner, we take our support to the next level and have built a range of innovative services specially designed to support your business. Find out how our offering, including matchmaking services, trade finance and digital bills of lading, will help lift your efficiency and open up new avenues of growth for your business.

Are you looking for reliable new commercial partners?

Do you need to optimize your working capital requirement?

Do you need to accelerate your bill of lading shipment procedures?

We are the commercial partner of choice for your international trading activities

  1. 1The sheer scale of fleet , with over 500 ships of all types equipped with the latest technologies and a total capacity of over 3 million containers (TEUs).
  2. 2An XXL worldwide network serving 420 commercial ports and 250 shipping lines.
  3. 3Door-to-door solutions that can accommodate all your cargo, ranging from the highly conventional to the unique .
  4. 4Recognized expertise and made-to-measure support, with 110,000 employees ready to support you and 400 offices in more than 160 countries.
  5. 5Simple, yet powerful tools, such as My CMA CGM for managing every stage in your shipping cycle.