Corporate Values

The CMA CGM Group is built on four corporate values: boldness, initiative, imagination and integrity. These values, already in place when the company was founded, continue to be demonstrated on a daily basis.
CMA CGM Group distinguishes itself by putting its strong corporate values, reminded in the Group’s Code of Ethics, into practice.

The CMA CGM Group's four fundamental values

Initiative: to dare, in order to progress

CMA CGM Jules Verne

The group encourages employees to look for solutions outside of their field of activity. Possessing the initiative and the ability to think outside the box is essential for an innovative and dynamic company.

The CMA CGM JULES VERNE, which sails under the French flag, is a giant of the seas with a length of 396 meters and a capacity of 16,000 TEUs; it is equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly technology, proving that it is possible to combine record-setting performance with sustainable development. The ship shows CMA CGM's capacity to embark on a discovery of new possibilities and new horizons.

Boldness: to embark on new ventures and go beyond its limits

CMA CGM Jules Verne

New emerging markets represent a continual source of growth for the Group. Progress, quality, and profitability are the three goals that drive CMA CGM Group to push itself even further.

It was in daring to extend the Group's navigational routes from Northern Europe to Asia in 1986 and in setting up its first office in China in 1992 that Jacques Saadé proved that boldness was a strong CMA CGM Group value. (See the History of the CMA CGM Group) It was actually these visionary decisions that allowed the Group to become a leading worldwide shipping group. As it continues to grow, CMA CGM will continue to be as daring as it was at the beginning.

Imagination: to be the best at carrying out its profession

CMA CGM Container

CMA CGM Group stresses the ability to adapt to each customer. Each situation is taken extremely seriously. The constant development of technology, the flow of goods, and environmental concerns demand continuous creativity.

Integrity: necessary to maintain its status in the long run

CMA CGM Jules Verne

Respect for each employee, supplier, and customer is the principle that characterises interpersonal relations within the Group. Externally, CMA CGM remains completely neutral when carrying out its work, even in the most complicated geopolitical contexts.

This is why CMA CGM has created Code of Ethics, based on recognised international regulations and models of integrity. This charter covers many points that are important to CMA CGM and its CEO, Rodolphe Saadé, such as respect for regulations, people, customers, suppliers, and the environment.