CMA CGM Logistics is a CMA CGM subsidiary that offers logistics services for international transport. The subsidiary creates custom solutions which guarantee overall control and efficiency of logistics flows. The biggest names in the industry put their trust in CMA CGM Logistics for managing their logistics chain.

CMA CGM Logistics: a comprehensive range of international logistics services

With its international network, considerable expertise and great flexibility, CMA CGM Logistics meets its customers' needs by offering solutions geared toward the optimization of costs and logistics flow.

As a solutions integrator, CMA CGM Logistics offers services by the CMA CGM Group and other logistics service providers.

Shipping solutions

CMA CGM Logistics favours offerings from CMA CGM, the world's third largest container shipping company with its 37 years of experience and the following advantages:

  • a powerful and modern fleet with 445 vessels, to meet all needs;
  • high performance transport with 12.2 million TEUs transported in 2013;
  • an international network: 400 ports of call in 150 countries, 655 agencies (including 64 in China) and 20,000 employees.

CMA CGM Logistics offers the services of other shipping companies in order to meet all of the customers' needs.

Multimodal solutions

CMA CGM Logistics offers multimodal transport solutions such as rail, barge, lorry, and plane, and its privileged relationships with its partners allow the company to provide the best services to customers.

It also allows CMA CGM Logistics to manage varied logistics flows and remain the customer's only contact.

Non-standard merchandise

CMA CGM Logistics also manages all types of merchandises, such as dangerous, regulated, and oversized goods, or that requiring specific secure transfer (reefer).

The process of transporting such merchandise is closely examined and managed accordingly.

Extended logistics coverage

CMA CGM Logistics also supplies the reception and storage of goods, the orders preparation, takes care of customs and ships goods to production sites (or hubs).

Know-how and tools to manage a complex logistics chain

In industrial projects, from parts management to regulated merchandise, CMA CGM Logistics provides its expertise concerning the design, operational management, and continuous improvement of solutions as a whole.

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