CMA CGM Shipping solutions

The CMA CGM Group offers different modes of transport in order to meet the needs of its customers. The Group offers bespoke solutions tailored to the cargo to be transported. CMA CGM transported 18.95 million TEUs last year.

Dry containers: a diversified and ecological fleet that can be adapted to every need

CMA CGM Products

The CMA CGM Group has a wide range of dry containers:

  • General-use containers (20'/40'/40' HC/45' HC);
  • Palletwide containers (40’ HC PW/45’ HC PW);
  • Specialised containers (flat-rack, open-top, open-side, platform, tank, etc.).

CMA CGM invests in the diversification of its container fleet, with one of the largest fleets of 45' containers on the market. The desire to offer personalised service is also demonstrated by the designing of personalised containers for specialised transport. (Hangertainers for transporting clothes on hangers, Autotainers for transporting cars.)

More technical details are available on the Container page in the Products and Services section.

Reefer containers: controlling the temperature, atmosphere, and humidity


The CMA CGM Group owns the third-largest fleet of Reefers (refrigerated containers) in the world. The fleet is young (average age 5 years) and diversified, it includes:

  • 20’ RE/40’ RH Reefer containers,
  • The market's largest fleet of 45’ RH Palletwide containers, dedicated to intra-European trade.

CMA CGM's Reefer activities are overseen by a dedicated department made up of experts in the technical aspects and marketing of Reefers. This strong commitment to Reefers allowed the CMA CGM Group to make a name for itself in the containerisation of tropical fruits. The Group now has recognised expertise in fruit transport.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to the environment, CMA CGM invests in Reefer containers with low-energy motors, making it possible to reduce CO2 emissions. The company also innovates in terms of technology—with Reefers boasting remote monitoring systems—and when it comes to mastering transport in controlled atmospheres.

More technical details are available on the Reefer page of the Products and Services section.

XXL Cargo: the expertise of the Group and its teams

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The CMA CGM Group is able to provide transport for oversized cargo.

CMA CGM can ship luxury yachts, helicopters, large machinery, railroad cars, oversized turbines, and generators, as well as other cargo with non-standard dimensions and weights, to their destinations under optimal conditions. One notable example is the transport of a 450-tonne by CMA CGM on the CMA CGM LAPEROUSE.

To do so the CMA CGM Group used the expertise of teams that specialise in transporting breakbulk cargo.

More technical details are available on the XXL and Project Cargo pages of the Products and Services section.

Cargo requiring special transportation precautions: CMA CGM requirements

As part of its commitment to safety and security, the CMA CGM Group offers adapted solutions for shipping cargo requiring special transportation precautions. In order to make sure that the cargo, people, and environment are all protected, CMA CGM relies on stringent rules and guidelines (ISM Code, SOLAS treaty, MARPOL Convention, French Vessel safety rules, and International Maritime Organisation publications).

A wide variety of this kind of cargo is transported every day throughout the world, the majority of which (80%) is intended for industrial use. These products are part of everyday life: paints, batteries, alcohol, and even leather.