Terminal Link & CMA Terminals

CMA CGM Terminals1) Long Beach, USA / Bayport, USA / SFCT, USA 2) Kingston, Jamaica 3) GMM, Martinique / GMG, Guadeloupe / SOMARIG, French Guyana 4) Antwerp Gateway, Belgium 5) RWG, Netherlands 6) BKP, Ukraine 7) GMP (2) / Terminal de Flandres / TGO / Med Europe Terminal / Marseille Manutention / Eurofos 8) Somaport, Morocco / Eurogate Tanger, Morocco 9) Terra Abidjan, Ivory Coast 10) LEKKI, Nigeria 11) KRIBI, Cameroun 12) MFTL, Malta 13) LICT, Syria 14) La Réunion, France 15) Gemalink, Vietnam 16) Umm Qasr, Iraq 17) Mundra, India 18) Singapore 19) Xiamen, China 20) BNCT, South Korea CMA CGM Terminals

Terminals play a major strategic role in shipping, especially when it involves the arrival of giant container ships like the CMA CGM JULES VERNE. This is why CMA CGM has two port operators: Terminal Link and CMA Terminals. These subsidiaries enable CMA CGM to apply its expertise to both shipping and terminals, for optimal service.

Terminal Link

Terminal Link terminals map1. Houston - the United States 2. Miami - the United States 3. Montoir - France 4. Le Havre - France 5. Dunkirk - France 6. Zeebrugge - Belgium 7. Antwerp - Belgium 8. Tangier - Morocco 9. Casablanca - Morocco 10. Fos / France 11. Marsaxlokk - Malta 12. Abidjan - Ivory Coast 13. Xiamen - the PRC 14. Busan - South Korea

Established in 2001, Terminal Link is an up and coming key player in its capacity as an international container operator, developer and investor. Terminal Link operates a network of container terminals and stevedores with a global reach, including Far East, North Europe, Mediterranean, West Africa and North America. Terminal Link’s container terminal portfolio currently consists of interests in 14 terminals with a volume handled of over 12 million TEU in 2014. All of these terminals are currently operational.

Today, Terminal Link is a société par actions simplifiée whose capital is held by CMA CGM (51%) and China Merchants Holdings International (49%).

Building on its experience and expertise servicing the world’s largest and most prominent shipping companies, Terminal Link has evolved since its inception to become recognized as a leading independent container terminal operator renowned for its operational efficiency and intelligent terminal management across the globe. Terminal Link’s evolution has included the expansion of its container terminal portfolio through the acquisition of existing facilities and the development of greenfield projects.

Terminal Link continually explores opportunities to drive future growth, initiating local partnerships for acquisition, development and management of additional terminal facilities.

Our development strategy is as follows:

  • offering high-quality services to all customers ;
  • optimizing the financial value and profitability of each terminal ;
  • Maintaining a diverse customer base.

In 2011, Terminal Link ranked 12th port operator worldwide (Source Drewry). That same year, Malta Freeport Terminals Limited received a prestigious award from Containerisation International (CI) and presented as the Terminal Operating Company of the Year,increasing its capacity by 117% while implementing an effective environmental policy.

Terminal Link encourages employees to have a responsible, proactive attitude regarding issues of safety, security, and the environment.

CMA Terminals

CMA Terminals map1. USA 2. Martinique 3. Guadeloupe 4. French Guyana 5. France 6. France 7. Netherlands 8. Ukraine 9. Syria 10. Iraq 11. Egypt 12. Vietnam

CMA Terminals, a fully owned CMA CGM subsidiary, is another port operator in charge of the development, conception, construction, acquisition and operation of terminals. This CMA CGM subsidiary was created in 2012 and already handled 2.6 million TEU in 2013.

CMA Terminals is always looking for new investment opportunities, and contributes its expertise to all aspects of the development and management of container terminals.

It welcomes CMA CGM lines but serves all shipping companies indiscriminately in order to develop the terminals and offer top-quality service.

Today, CMA Terminals owns 13 terminals worldwide (operating or under development), serving areas that complement those covered by Terminal Link. The subsidiary is strategically present worldwide and invests boldly, mainly in niche markets such as:

  • Marseilles, France, where CMA Terminals serves a short-sea market and works closely with local importers-exporters, and where RORO terminals complement container terminal services;
  • Long Beach, on the West Coast of the U.S., which is a Group's top investment in a key region of the world;
  • the French West Indies (shares owned by CMA CGM Antilles-Guyane), demonstrating the importance CMA CGM attaches to French overseas departments and regions (DOM-TOM);
  • In Ukraine
  • In Nigeria, in 2014, CMA Terminals and ICTSI sign agreement for a 25% stake of Lekki International Container Terminal Services LFTZ Enterprise which operations are expected to start on 2016-2017.

The subsidiary keeps on developing, and will soon open its fully automated Rotterdam World Gateway terminal in the Netherlands.

CMA Terminals also has expertise in dry ports: it is strategically located in India, Algier, and Iraq. CMA terminals intends to develop dry ports in some dynamic regions.

CMA Terminals currently exploring projects in Africa, South America, India and Europe and investigates any investment opportunity or partnership that is presented to him as well as synergies are possible