CMA CGM JULES VERNE : Innovation & Technology for the environment

Renowned for its leadership in technology, its efficient fleet but also its commitment to sustainable development, every year CMA CGM places more emphasis on innovation.

As a result of this strategy, the CMA CGM Group has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30% since 2005, with the target being a reduction of 50% by 2015.

Equipped with innovative instruments and the latest technology, the CMA CGM JULES VERNE, like the CMA CGM MARCO POLO and CMA CGM ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT, boasts impressive performances with 36g of CO2 per km/TEU emitted, that’s 12% less than vessels in the 13,800 TEU series. What’s more, the CMA CGM JULES VERNE has an EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) of 10.56.

This figure is 30% below the maximum standard required by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and already conforms to the targets set by the IMO for 2025.

CMA CGM Ship technologies environment

1. Twisted leading edge rudder - 2. Eco-containers - 3. NOx emission : compliant with Tier II regulation - 4. Link with Fleet Navigation Center - Eco-speed - 5. Tin-free antifouling - 6. Optimised Hull Lines - 7. Pre-swirl stator - 8. Cargo hold bilge - water holding tank - 9. Exhaust gas by pass - 10. Additional bilge water tank - 11. Electronically controlled engine - 12. Grey waters tank - 13. Water ballast IN - 14. Water ballast treatment - 15. Water ballast OUT - 16. Fast oil Recovery System - 17. Low sulfur fuel - 18. Multichamber waste compactors

Electronic injection engine

This latest generation of engines considerably reduces consumption of fuel (-3% on average) and for oil (-25%).

Exhaust by-pass system

The vessel’s design has been specifically adapted for slow-steaming by fitting the main engine with an exhaust by-pass system to improve energy efficiency at low loads, and thereby reducing fuel consumption by around 1.5% at slow speeds.

Pre-Swirl Stator ®

This device alters the inflow angles to the propeller to maximise propulsion efficiency. Combined with the twisted leading edge rudder, it optimizes the vessel’s hydrodynamics and cuts fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 2 to 4%.

Twisted leading edge rudder

This system improves the vessel’s hydrodynamics (optimising water flow), significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Optimized hull design

The hull design noticeably improves the vessel’s propulsion through the water.

Connection to the port’s electricity supply

The vessel has been fitted with all the necessary equipment to connect to a port’s electricity supply during pier operations.

New system for treating ballast water

To protect the marine environment and wildlife from foreign organisms which travel in ballast water, the CMA CGM JULES VERNE is equipped with an approved ballast water treatment system, although this regulation is not yet in force. Treated at the point when it is pumped on board and again during deballasting operations, ballast water is filtered and passed under UV lamps so that water ejected into the sea is totally free of any living organisms. The system was specifically chosen by CMA CGM as there are no chemical products being ejected into the sea.

Additional equipment for better safety

The CMA CGM JULES VERNE has an extra decanting tank. Additional tanks allow bilge water, engine and grey water to be treated. Lastly, all equipment on deck is electric to eliminate problems with hydraulic fluid leaks.

The CMA CGM JULES VERNE is also fitted with pollution management technology in the form of the Fast Oil Recovery System. This reliable, safe and simple scheme allows hydrocarbons in the fuel bunkers to be rapidly recovered without having to go through the hull.

General Information

Delivery Date 4/30/2013
Line service FAL - ASIA - EUROPE
Deployment 26
Previous Name CMA CGM ZHENG HE
Built 2013
Speed 23.30
Builder DSME
Classification Bureau Veritas
IMO Number 9454450

Technical Information

Nominal Teus 16022
Teus 14TH 12116
Reefer Point 1185
S.DWT 187396.60
S.Draft 16.00
L.O.A 396.00
Beam 53.60
GT 175368
NT 101053
Suez GT 177350
Suez NT 159740
Call Sign FIFW
Bowthruster 1800
Propelling Engine 14RT-FLEX96C-B-TII
Cargo Gear GLESS