The CMA CGM Group Vessel Fleet

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A powerful, diversified and environmentally friendly fleet

The CMA CGM Group's leadership position is also reflected in its vessel fleet. The fleet is made up of 445 vessels with cutting-edge technological innovations and a combined capacity of 1,648,000 TEUs.

Since 2012 the CMA CGM Group, as a result of its strategy to constantly pursue innovation and excellence, has taken delivery of three of the largest container ships in the world in terms of capacity: the CMA CGM Marco Polo, the CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt and the CMA CGM Jules Verne, which sails under the French flag.

These leviathans are powerful vessels, boasting the latest technology for ensuring safety and protecting the environment. They enable the CMA CGM Group to offer its customers regular, dependable, and ever more competitive services. The CMA CGM fleet is also made up of vessels of all sizes, with container ships whose capacities range from 133 to 16,000 TEUs.

As of 2013 the CMA CGM Group fleet counts over 11 giant container ships with capacities topping 8,500 TEUs. The fleet's flagship is the CMA CGM Jules Verne (16,000 TEUs). Today these colossal ships make up nearly 20% of the CMA CGM fleet, which represents significant progress in meeting increasing transport demands from Asia and from all of the world's growing trade routes.

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