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The CMA CGM Group is a leading worldwide shipping Group. It is French international and multi-cultural company counting 29,000 employees in over 160 countries.

The shipping industry: a dynamic world full of challenges

vesselBeing in a multi-layered and dynamic industry, CMA CGM offers rich, diverse and challenging career opportunities. Its family business flexibility and corporate values allows the Group to constantly evolve along with the ever-changing global economy. Imagination, initiative, boldness and integrity, the core values of CMA CGM, are encouraged among the various professions of our company.

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Testimony: "...the pleasure to evolve in a multicultural and ever-changing environment..."



Fleet Manager (graduated ENSM Marseille)

“Following my maritime studies (DESMM), I took advantage of my knowledge and perfected them by navigating on all types of vessels during 10 years.

In 2006, my desire to find a position on the ground naturally conducted me to CMA CGM, a company in constant progress, key actor of the shipping industry with an international dimension.

The group offers rich, diverse and challenging opportunities, at the Head Office based in Marseilles but also through its network of agencies all over the world.

One of the numerous assets, is the pleasure to evolve in a multicultural environment; jobs require to make swift decisions while following the Group strategy. This makes work challenging and fascinating.

CMA CGM relies on a fleet of more 400 container ships and possesses 176 recent ones, endowed with last generation’s equipment, optimized for consumption, performance while polluting less.

Within CMA SHIPS, subsidiary of CMA CGM, I take up challenges bound to maintenance and performance of container ships, surrounded with structured departments, such as:

• The New building department which follows all the vessels’ construction since the plans until the delivery.

• The Innovation and Technology department which ensures the technological monitoring, studies and realizes projects regarding new regulations taking into account its commercial, safety, and environmental protection functions.

• The Safety, Security and Environment department

• The Dry Dock department which follows technical breaks scheduled in dry dock; more than 50 stops are planned only for 2017

• The Human Resources Department which manages crew members

• The Purchasing Department which manages the supply of goods to be delivered all over the world

These departments which bring their support and expertise to fleets constituted by Engineer Superintendant and technical assistants make container ships navigating through seas and oceans of the world, by respecting strict schedules, but also by respecting the environment and the security of its seafarers.

Joining CMA CGM means actively participating in the growth of this tremendous company, surrounded by motivated staff members”.