Crewing Vessels Fleet and fleet management

Managing a modern and eco-efficient fleet

Our CMA Ships subsidiary brings together all the branches of activity dealing with managing the vessel fleet and its crew members. They have a wide range of responsibilities: navigation, embarking our crews, technical maintenance, supplying spare parts and consumables, developing and implementing new building projects, etc....

On land and at sea, our expert teams work together to keep our ships operating properly and to transport our customers' cargo to every corner of the globe.

Highly qualified teams

To satisfy our customers we operate vessels equipped with the latest technological innovations.

Experienced teams of engineers and seafarers participate in the development of these leviathans. They optimise ship design taking into account its commercial, safety, and environmental protection functions, recommend inspections, and manage purchasing issues, maintenance and repairs to be performed.

Sailing the seven seas

Every member of our container ships' onboard crews fills a precise and determined role, primarily divided between the two major departments: the Bridge and the Engine.

Experienced officers and key personnel, the Captain, Chief Officer, and Chief Engineer conduct the ship's commercial operations both through its sailing and its mechanical operations. The other crew members take care of daily life on board and the ship's maintenance (Chef, Steward, seamen, etc.).

Keeping our crews safe, protecting the environment, and satisfying our customers are our top priorities.

Some important figures

  • a fleet of 428 ships
  • 20 to 25 crew members on board on each ship


Cécilia, 27 years old

Crew Planning Coordinator

CMA Ships

In 2012 I began working for CMA Ships, our subsidiary in charge of crew and fleet management.
I work as a Planning Coordinator. I am the privileged contact person for the ships and I ensure that the crew members put forward by our local agencies are well-suited to our embarkation criteria.
I prepare the crew change-off plans for the seagoing personnel and ensure, on a daily basis, that any replacement respect the ship’s safety regulations, that the change-off ports are as well-adapted as possible according to the costs and durations of the contract.
I also work alongside the lines, the technical service, and the Safety and Security department to constantly optimize the smooth running of the ship’s journey. If specific situations arise (disembarkation for health reasons, disciplinary procedures), I liaise with the Captain to manage the proceedings according to the company’s procedures and the ship’s rules.
Diplomacy, good relational skills, organisation, and reactivity are essential in my daily work.