Container logistics careers

At the head-office and in every one of the Group's agencies, employees make every effort to fulfil the needs of the customer when it comes to equipment. With a container fleet capacity of over 3.5 million TEU (the unit for one 20 feet container), providing the right tool at the right time and monitoring the whole fleet is a real challenge.

Managing millions of containers

CMA CGM container logistics teams are in charge of:

  • Dispatching the various containers
  • Optimizing the repositioning of empty containers according to our customer’s geographic and seasonal needs.
  • Insuring that the Group’s container fleet is to put into service and maintained in operational condition.
  • Coordinating the technical and administrative monitoring of the container fleet.

More than just a box

Containers come in all shapes and sizes to answer the specific needs of customers and merchandise.

The reefer container, made for the transportation of sensitive goods, is one of them.Their highly technological nature requires dedicated teams of experts knowing everything about their features, the special needs of sensitive goods, as well as logistics.

AquavivaIn addition to the average “dry” container and the reefer container, the CMA CGM fleet counts many others types of boxes: open-top, flat-rack, high cube, etc. And the list keeps growing as CMA CGM experts create innovative containers like the AQUAVIVA container, designed to transport live lobsters. In the shipping industry, a container is more than just a box.