Logistics and supply chain careers

CMA CGM logistics teams are providing international freight forwarding and optimized solutions to support the customers in their supply chain management or logistics needs. They are giving visibility and tailor-made solutions to customers willing to transport cargo from one place to another.

A dedicated logistics subsidiary

CMA CGM LOG To do so effectively CMA CGM has a dedicated subsidiary: CMA CGM LOG. As an independent and global actor with a wide offices network, it has developed numerous partnerships and a large range of specific services, to handle complex logistics with smart solutions everywhere in the world for any kind of goods. They are also supervising additional services along the supply chain such as customs clearance, packing, storage, etc.

Today, supply chain is an extremely important part of any company’s strategy. To optimize their flows and reduce their costs, customers need the ingenuity of experts who understand their needs.

CMA CGM Logistics teams are constantly working to achieve that objective, and can rely on the resources of a leading worldwide shipping Group to do so. Working at CMA CGM LOG means working in an ever-challenging and growing environment.

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