Supporting functions and careers

For operations to provide the best service, they need the best ressources and tools. This is where support functions come in as they help, through a vast variety of professions, all the other functions. With CMA CGM being a worldwide shipping Group and at the heart of the global economy, they need the audacity to tackle the numerous challenges and developments that the company encounters.

Support functions: providing the means to succeed

Here are a few examples of support functions among CMA CGM:

supportInformation technology (IT) technicians develop and implement comprehensive systems tools to process all of the Group's data. With an industry as complex as shipping, CMA CGM relies on many engineers, managers, and experts to develop numerous systems for both internal and external purposes.

supportFinancial specialists use information systems that enable them to manage in real time all of the Group's revenue and expenses in all currencies.

supportLegal experts guarantee compliance with international regulations concerning ships, infrastructure, and cargo transport. Integrity being one of the four corporate value of the Group, CMA CGM makes a point to follow, and often exceed, the expectations set by the regulations.

supportThe Human Resources Department is in charge of recruitment and managing employee careers and skill development in an international and multicultural context. With more than 29,000 employees and a wide range of professions, CMA CGM makes sure its employees can count on training and mobility options.

supportThe Corporate Communication Department, ambassador for the Group's corporate culture, articulates commitments and the services we offer to our employees, customers, and partners through targeted media materials.

Testimony: “Upon my arrival, I noticed a very strong attachment of the staff members to the Group.”



Financial Control Manager (graduated from Université Paris Dauphine), and her choice of career within the CMA CGM Group.

After having worked for ten years in Audit in Paris, followed by three years in financial control for a listed company, I moved to Marseilles three years ago for personal reasons.

I looked for financial positions with an international dimension. The size and the international scale offered by CMA CGM naturally attracted me.

I have been working within CMA CGM's Financial Control Department for two and a half years now, where I am responsible for the European zone; I supervise a team of 4 people.

Upon my arrival, I noticed a very strong attachment of the staff members to the Group and this spirit is the driving force in the team’s motivation.

On a daily basis, along with my team, we make sure that the financial pieces of information that is communicated every month by our subsidiaries are of quality and we regularly go on site missions. Next to those "routine inspections", we are involved on very diverse projects: from restructuring the financial functions within our subsidiaries, to integrating APL, and the migration of the Group’s computer systems. These cross-functional projects are particularly enriching and allow us to exchange with numerous departments

What's next? I may leave for a mission to Chennai (India) to work on the improvement of decentralized financial transactions within our platform of shared services.