To preserve the expertise in the field that is crucial for the company's performance, our employees have access to a space for learning and developing cross-functional skills.

The mission of CMA CGM Academy is in keeping with the Group's strategy and embodies its values: To train the employees in the understanding of the world stakes and of the environments specific to each country, in order to provide innovative and specific solutions enabling to meet our customers' needs.

CMA CGM Academy offers:

  • A dedicated space of over 500m² in the CMA CGM Tower in Marseilles, adapted to various learning-modes ;
  • 11 equipped training rooms able to accommodate 132 trainees a day ;
  • A digital portal available in 4 languages (French / English / Spanish and Chinese) to explore the global training offer,
  • Over 400 e-learning modules, available on a 24 hour/7 day basis to our 29 000 employees in the world.

CMA CGM Academy offers numerous custom-made and innovative solutions to meet each employee's needs to develop his/her skills. The broadened training offer is organized in 5 institutes: