The CMA CGM Group is a socially responsible company. The Group has created social policies, drawn up an ethical charter and made sustainable development one of its main focuses. For several years it has been committed to protecting the environment, setting itself goals and developing the means to achieve them.

Our commitment

Since 2003, CMA CGM has been working to protect the environment and, more broadly, to promote sustainable development. During these past eleven years the company has consistently set ambitious goals and has always been serious about achieving them.

In 2003 the Group's CEO, Jacques Saadé, shared his vision with the company's teams:

I expect our company to be beyond reproach when it comes to protecting the environment and marine habitats. (…) This is a genuine commitment that we are all making together.

Our aims


CMA CGM has established three major strategic areas of focus:

  • Energy, Climate Change, and Air Quality
  • Oceans, Marine Environment, and Biodiversity
  • Innovations, Solutions, and Sustainable Transport Services

All our actions are part of a voluntary and unwavering commitment. The results of this commitment are clearly demonstrated through:

Top performance in carbon footprint:

CMA CGM CO2 emissions

CMA CGM set itself the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% per container per km by 2015. In 2013, CMA CGM carbon efficiency has improved by 40%, one of the sector's best performances for which the Group received the Clean Air Award in 2011 and the highest possible score from the Carbon Disclosure Project.

A modern and efficient fleet

CMA CGM environmental technologies

1. Twisted leading edge rudder - 2. Eco-containers - 3. NOx emission : compliant with Tier II regulation - 4. Link with Fleet Navigation Center - Eco-speed - 5. Tin-free antifouling - 6. Optimised Hull Lines - 7. Pre-swirl stator - 8. Cargo hold bilge - water holding tank - 9. Exhaust gas by pass - 10. Additional bilge water tank - 11. Electronically controlled engine - 12. Grey waters tank - 13. Water ballast IN - 14. Water ballast treatment - 15. Water ballast OUT - 16. Fast oil Recovery System - 17. Low sulfur fuel - 18. Multichamber waste compactors

The CMA CGM Group has one of the sector's youngest fleets, boasting many environmentally friendly technologies. The Group's flagship, the CMA CGM Jules Verne, sets the example with an energy efficiency design index ahead of its time, meeting the International Maritime Organisation's future 2025 standards, and technological innovations like an engine with electronic injection, a system for treating ballast tank waters, a system for preventing pollution accidents, improved hydrodynamics, etc.

Maritime safety and the environment:

Preventing maritime accidents is a Group priority and a requirement for preserving the marine environment. The Group's safety policy aims to systematically prevent major risks, especially the risk of pollution, through a set of technical, operational, and organisational measures. The CMA CGM fleet had the best performance in the Paris MOU rankings for the criteria of conformity, safety, and pollution prevention.

Pioneering the development of eco-containers:

CMA CGM Eco-container

The CMA CGM Group currently possesses one of the largest fleets of eco-containers, totalling 130,000, including those with bamboo floors, ultra-thin steel, and solvent-free and water-based paints, as well as refrigerated containers with very low energy consumption, etc.

Ecological transport solutions:

CMA CGM Intermodal CO2

With its intermodal options available on every continent, the CMA CGM Group offers its customers optimised solutions by barge, rail, and road for the last kilometres of transport. Through the ecocalculator developed by the Group, CMA CGM also offers a carbon footprint calculation service that is available to its e-business customers.

Voluntary international partnerships and commitments:

The Group has participated in many voluntary initiatives: joining Clean Cargo (a platform for exchanging information between Carriers and Customers/Shippers) in 2005, participating in atmospheric pollution reduction programmes in California and Hong Kong, and taking part in the Port Environmental Index, which recognises the most efficient vessels, while also seeking ISO 14001 certification, the world's environmental gold standard, for the fleet.

CLEAN CARGO GROUP: companies are acting

As part of the non-governmental organisation “Business for Social Responsibility”, the Clean Cargo Group brings together industries, shippers and carriers to promote sustainable development. CMA CGM has been a member since 2003 and the goal is to draft measures to evaluate and improve freight transport.

ARMATEURS DE FRANCE BLUE CHARTER : safety and respect for the environment

The CMA CGM Group is a member of the “Charte Bleue Armateurs de France”, an approach designed to promote a vision and adopt measures aimed at ensuring safety at sea and respect for the environment. By signing this charter, the CMA CGM Group is confirming its commitment to prevent and manage pollution risks, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and manage garbage and waste effectively.

GREEN FLAG INITIATIVE: CMA CGM awarded for lower speeds

For the second year running, the CMA CGM Group received an award from Long Beach Port in California as part of its “Green Flag” program. By reducing the speed of its vessels within a 20 nautical mile area around the port, CMA CGM contributed to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and improved the quality of the air.


As a member of the Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association, CMA CGM has signed a charter on the use of fuel with low sulfur content as the only fuel for all ships calling at Hong Kong. As of January 1st, 2011, CMA CGM has committed to replacing its current fuel, which averages 2.7% sulfur, with a higher-quality fuel containing no more than 0.5 %. The initiative will cut emissions of SOx by 95%, NOx by 9% and fine particulates by 86%, improving air quality in the port of Hong Kong, the world’s third-largest for container traffic.

The future:

It is absolutely necessary to design and operate even more efficient and environmentally friendly vessels. Researching alternative energy sources and technologies to reduce air and ocean pollution is part of the solution for making shipping sustainable and preserving the oceans and the environment.

The Group wins the "Environment" Award at the Global Freight Awards 2013

October 23th, 2013

The Environment Award rewards the CMA CGM Group for its actions taken to reduce the impact of its business, and for the development of new solutions and sustainable technologies.

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