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World Innovation: CMA CGM first shipping company to choose liquefied natural gas for its biggest ships

November 7, 2017

Firmly committed to the protection of the environment, CMA CGM becomes the first shipping company in the world to equip its future giant containerships with engines using liquefied natural gas (LNG), a technological innovation for a drastic reduction of pollutant emissions.

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CMA CGM offers a whole array of efficient eco-solutions to allow its customers to choose the best service while preserving the environment.

Carbon footprint: transparency and information

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To offer customers an efficient transportation solutions, CMA CGM has several online services allowing the calculation of carbon footprints. As well as access to detailed reports for better awareness.

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Accessible since 2011, the eco-calculator allows all CMA CGM customers to precisely calculate the carbon footprint of a voyage. The result is based on real data such as place of loading, place of discharge, volume of merchandise, vessel’s speed and fuel consumption, etc.

Inspired by the calculation methodology of the CCWG (Clean Cargo Working Group), this eco-calculator is the first to be verified by an independent third party (KPMG).

The carbon display is an automatic calculation of CO2 emissions on the entire supply chain (including multimodal transport).

Since 2013, all customers connected to the CMA CGM eBusiness platform can, for each booking, discover their carbon footprint (both maritime and inland transport). Once their merchandise has reached destination, the amount of CO2 emissions is displayed in the shipment details.

Data used for the calculation are vessel’s fuel consumption, ship’s capacity, travel distance, and the shipping line CO2 performance for a maximum accuracy.


CMA CGM offers a Customer CO2 Personalized Report premium service. These reports allow customers to analyze and follow the development of their own carbon footprint per year, per maritime line, and by booking.

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Inland transport: efficient door-to-door service

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CMA CGM’s activity covers all oceans, and all continents. Consequently, the Group doesn’t only focus on improving its vessel fleet to limit its impact on the environment. CMA CGM also offers a whole array of intermodal and ecological services around the world.

The Group offers optimized shipping solutions through its railway network and its river transport solutions (true alternatives to “road transport only” offers) and thus reduce congestion and air pollution.

In 2016, more than 40% of containers shipped via inland solutions were carried by barge and rail.

The Fleet Navigation and Support Center

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This center helps with the optimization of shipping lines, vessel’s speed and energy consumption while ensuring safety for the crew and the merchandise.

An innovative tool helping with maritime safety

Created in 2007, the Fleet Navigation & Support Center is a navigation support and guidance center located in the CMA CGM Group’s head office in Marseille.

Only two shipping companies are equipped with such a center allowing vessel tracking on the entire fleet and immediate contact if need be.

Working 24/7, the Fleet Navigation & Support Center is run by experienced CMA CGM seafarers and acts as a valuable interface between vessels and office departments by monitoring, warning, and guiding the fleet.

Monitoring and control

The «Fleet Navigation & Support Center » collects and manages information necessary for operational monitoring of all vessels operated by the Group.

  • It tracks the positions and routes of all the fleet vessels.
  • It closely monitors areas at risk (piracy, tsunami, cyclone, typhoon, etc.) in order to suggest alternative solutions to vessels’ crews.
  • For each port (420 in total), feedback from captains are gathered and compiled to create “Port Cards” which are then put at the disposal of the entire fleet.

Eco-containers: reliability and ecology

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CMA CGM continuously upgrades its container fleet by investing in new and reliable eco-containers.

On largest vessels, using these containers reduces fuel consumption by one or two tones each day, thus decreasing CO2 emissions by 3.6 tones.

Starting with 400 TEU, 25% of the Group's container fleet is now made of bamboo-floor containers.

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In terms of refrigerated transport, the Group is evaluating the latest technological developments in order to identify the most environmentally friendly solutions in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emission.

CMA CGM thus invested in 29 000 reefers equipped with low-consumption engines reducing electrical and fuel consumption by 33% .

In 2005, CMA CGM was the first maritime company to conceive and invest in bamboo-floor containers. These innovative containers are the product of a joint thinking between CMA CGM and one of their customers. Their objective is to limit the usage of precious wood from tropical species while improving the technical qualities of containers.

In September 2008, CMA CGM started an experiment by introducing the first “Light steel” containers in its fleet. These containers (now 100,000 TEUs) made with “High tensile” steel save 550kg of the high-cube container’s tare weight while preserving its structural qualities.