Social Responsibility

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A socially responsible company

The CMA CGM Group is keen to participate in the social and economic development of countries where it is operating, according to values based on philanthropy and democratic principles. The Group conducts its business abroad with respect for national laws, especially for those which concern working conditions, security and public health.

And a socially responsible employer

The CMA CGM Group Code of Ethics specifically refers to Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to International Labour Organisation Principles (ILO).

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Respect for people

The CMA CGM Group has a point on subjects relating to human rights and the management of its employees. The ethics policy is available both internally and externally. It is a founding element of our HR policy.

It will be particularly careful never to employ, directly or indirectly, child labour or any form of forced labour.

Respect for basic principles of diversity

As part of the Human Resources' policy, the CMA CGM Group attaches great importance to the respect and protection of the basic principles of diversity decreed in particular by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The CMA CGM Group bans discrimination of any kind whatsoever, be it based on national or social origin, race, sex, age, religious beliefs, political leanings or any other criteria. The values are ingrained in the Group's recruitment policy guidelines and guarantee fundamental rights for every staff member.