Intermodal truck

Unique in offering a wide range of services in Algeria


Is CMA CGM’s dedicated dry port in Algiers.

The dry port occupies a surface of 10.5 ha and has a static capacity of 5500 TEU and a throughput of 60 000 TEU per year, including dangerous and reefer containers.

Located only 25 km away from the sea port, it is equipped with a scanner and operated with 10 reach stackers.

To accommodate all the most important customer needs in one single location, it hosts governmental administrations such as customs, veterinary and quality inspection, but also offers additional services like ATM and fast food.


In Oran, CMA CGM operates in its own dry port.

Oterco, 25 minutes away from the sea port.

This 2.6 ha, 1600 TEU dry port can deliver up to 20 000 TEU per year. It is accommodated for dry, reefer and dangerous cargo and is equipped with a scanner and 3 reach stackers.

Customs authorities, but also veterinary inspection and quality control brigades are constantly present on the dry port ensuring the best services customers can expect.


CMA CGM dry port in Annaba (Eastern of Algeria), opened on November 2017, in order to provide dedicated services to customers and partners of this region. 15 min away from Annaba Sea port, with many facilities as: 6 ha with a static capacity of 2900 TEU, warehouse of 700 sqm for consolidation cargo, one stopshop for customs clearance, ministry of trade inspection (DCP), health and food inspection and phytosanitary inspection.

Rail Link

Is a joint-venture between Green Modal (CMA CGM Group) and SNTF (state railway company), Rail Link, use a network of 4400 km of track, 375 wagons for container carrying and serves 217 railway stations.

Containers on rail


Empty park, insuring storage, transfer, reparation, maintenance of containers and providing those laters to the customers for their exports operations.

Present in Oran, Ghazaouat, Skikda and Algiers.

container on truck