Dear Customer,

In order to maintain the quality of our services and enhance our processes, we kindly request you for informing, as from February 01 st , 2021, the information on the expected date of the empty container collection during the booking request phase, whatever the channel used for communication (either via the CMA CGM web platform, EDI, or multicarrier portal) in the comments field


An e-mail address to receive the authorization message is also requested.

In possession of the above-mentioned information, we will be able, in advance, to nominate the depot and authorize the empty collection without the need of email contact with CMA CGM for such request, two days before the informed date.

The PDF file with all booking details, as well as the name of the depot to be considered for the equipment collection, will be available in the following channels:

  • Automatically on the e-Business platform;
  • Sent by e-mail to the address informed by the customer in the booking request. Note: the registered e-mail address will be used for all shipments related to the same customer (CNPJ base), there being no need to inform such contact at each booking request, as long as previously informed.


If the above-mentioned information is not provided, a rule will be used to send the authorization for the collection date of the empty container considering the ETA of the ship minus 10 days as standard. This action may cost time and slowness to the process inherent to the nomination of the depot and the authorization to release the empty container.

We are at your disposal in case of doubts.

Kindest Regards,


Client Advisory