Booking Cancellation Fee on Europe to Indian Subcontinent, Gulf and Red Sea trades

Dear customer,

CMA CGM has been facing a large amount of shortfalls for the last weeks due to late bookings cancellations preventing us from accepting bookings on behalf of other valued customers.

As a result, CMA CGM has decided to implement a Booking Cancellation Fee as follows:

  • Booking cancellation fee will be USD 150 per TEU (any equipment type excluding reefers)
  • Date of application: June 1st, 2017 (B/L date)
  • Application for all bookings cancelled or transferred 7 calendar days or less prior to vessel cut-off date
  • Scope: North Europe (North Continent/ UK/Scandinavia) to Red Sea, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
  • To be invoiced to the booking party

Booking reliability will assist CMA CGM to efficiently allocate space and equipment in order to guarantee our customers’ needs and requirements.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Best regards,

CMA CGM Belgium