Export Procedures

Export Procedures

CMA CGM BULGARIA: export procedures

You can find below all the needed information to place an export booking to CMA CGM BULGARIA. We recommend you use our ecommerce channel which offers fast and easy way to order your transport.

To book a shipment please follow below steps:

1/ Register your company in CMA CGM website (if not already done)

2/ Place a new booking in the website, you'll be requested to provide the following information:

  • equipment type
  • number of containers
  • commodity description
  • gross weight of the cargo
  • POL & POD
  • Special Quotation (SQ) number
  • requested date/hour of stuffing, stuffing address and contact details of the supplier (in case of haulage arrange by us) or empty pick up date (in case of Merchant Haulage)

3/ Send Shipping Instructions (SI) to CMA CGM Bulgaria documentation team using CMA CGM website

4/ Upload your Verified Gross Mass (VGM) in CMA CGM website for FREE or provide over Maile-mail to upload on your behalf for a Manual VGM fee of USD 25 per container within the VGM Cut Off time.

5/ BL draft will be published online or send for approval by Documentation team where it will wait to be approved by you within max 5 calendar days of vessel’s departure. If not approved within the deadline it will be considered as final and printed. Any request of amendment after printing will be charged by an Amendment fee of EUR 35

6/ Invoicing of due charges will be done after vessel sailing and your invoice will be published in the website

7/ Original BL or Sea Waybill will be released after sailing of the vessel and payment of all due charges. If any doubt, please contact Mailvna.documentation@cma-cgm.com