Import Procedures

Import Procedures

CMA CGM Bulgaria: Import procedures

You can find here below the import procedure to follow for your shipment with CMA CGM:

1/ A Notice of Arrival will be send to BL “Notify Party” contact details 3 days before vessel’s arrival at POD giving information for your shipment and estimated date of discharge.

2/ You need to contact our Customer Service team at Mailvna.import@cma-cgm.com or +359 52 818 212 to arrange delivery of your cargo

3/ Surrender at our office of Original Bill of Lading (OBL) duly endorsed in case of “to order” or arrange “Telex Release” procedure by the shipper at POL. At least 1/3 OBL are needed and must be stamped & signed by the named consignee (in case of nominative BL) or last endorsee (in case of “to order” BL). If any doubt, please contact our Customer Service team.

4/ Fill the necessary letters depending from your needs – Power of Attorney, Trucking order, Customs clearance order etc.

5/ Detailed instructions for date / time pickup readiness, exact delivery address, delivery time and contact person at delivery place must be provided

6/ Pay in full all due charges before delivery