Import Customs


Restrictions on Goods

All imports of goods are subject prior to obtaining declaration of importation. The import declaration is issued by the SGS. Depending on their nature, import goods may be subject to authorization or restriction.

List of restricted or prohibited products

Products Permission or approval required.
Medicines Prior Authorization from the Ministry of Public Health - Visa Transit Health of the Regional Delegation of Public Health
Weapons and ammunition Authorization to carry weapons and ammunition from the Ministry of Territorial Administration.
- wheat flour; - gas bottle; jute bag; - yoghurt; concentrated milk; - galvanized steel sheets; - aluminium alloy sheets; - pasta. Certificates of compliance with the standard In accordance with the Service Note 107/MINEFI/DD6 regarding import standards, the importation of those products is subject to the presentation, before removal of the cargo from the custom’s office,of the conformity certificate. The non-compliance of these goods with the relevant standard expose such a cargo to re-exportation or to destruction on the importer charges.
- fancy print loincloth fabrics, wax, cotton sponge - hydrolic cement and other portland cements; - wheat flour; - jute bag; Matches; - electric batteries R20, R14, R6; - insecticides in the form of an aerosol and spiral bomb; - notebooks, registers, notepads, manifolds, strapped shirts; - mineral waters. These products must be stamped and marked.

Note: The Customs Directorate’s website provides additional details.

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