Dear Customers,

We are informing you of the deployment of the “I-Cutoff” functionality as of November 8, 2021 This feature will optimize the Cutoffs according to the ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) / ETB (Estimated Time of Berthing) CMA CGM vessels and allow you to best maximize your volumes to be loaded for Export.


1) Booking acceptance :

The deadline for creating or transferring a booking is set at a maximum of 72 hours before the arrival of the vessel. Otherwise, any request will be automatically rejected or simply transferred to the next call, and depending on the space available.

2) VGM Cutoff :

The transmission of VGMs via Ebusiness must be done at the latest 72 hours before the ETB. The time limit for modifying the VGM is set at 24 hours maximum before ETB.

3) Port Cutoff :

The transfer of containers to the terminal listed on a call must be done no later than 24 hours before the ETB of the ship. After this period, the containers not transferred will be listed on a subsequent call, and according to the spaces available.

4) Shipping instruction :

The deadline for submitting a shipping instruction is 48 hours before the ETA of the vessel.

5) Advanced filling :

The deadline for exceptional modification of BL (amendment) is 36 hours maximum before ETA of the vessel (subject to fees).