Flooding Impact on Vancouver area

Dear valued Customer and Agencies,

The recent flooding in British Columbia have been generating sudden disruptions in CMA’s ability to move cargo in a timely manner and maintain regular service levels.

All parties involved in our supply chain are conducting assessments to determine the impacts on their activities and trying to find alternatives solutions to reinstating their respective services.

Port authorities are working closely with terminal operators, railways and provincial / federal governments) to fully assess the impacts of these delays and develop a safe recovery plan. We can expect vessel delays and increased anchorage due to the disruption of terminal operations.

Rail service to and from the port of Vancouver has been halted (no rail access between Vancouver and Kamloops) with no estimates to when service may be restored until these assessments have been completed.

In an effort to maintain fluid and safe Intermodal terminal and network operations in the Vancouver area, CN has advised that they will continue to take the following two actions until further notice:

➢ They will no longer be accepting originating container traffic through their Vancouver Intermodal Terminal for any destination.

➢ They will also not accept containers through their network destined to the Vancouver Intermodal terminal.

Motor carriers are hindered with truck power due numerous highways & roads being closed including all main routes to Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region, assessments of damage to road infrastructure are currently underway.

The Highway 1, Highway 3 and Highway 5 (Coquihalla) and Highway 99, including some points located in the Eastern Fraser Valley are presently closed due to flooding and mud slides.

As a result of these events and to these operational constraints, we can expect a generalized slow down affecting our performance beyond the usual dwell time and service delivery standards.

Even though this flooding is totally beyond anyone’s control, please note that we are working ardently with all our partners on different contingency plans to remediate this situation the best way possible, while keeping safety as the number one priority.

Best regards,

CMA CGM (Canada) Inc.

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