Customer Advisory - Port Construction / Port Due & Port Security Refund

Dear Valued Customers,

To ease the collection of the fees refund based upon the Notice from MOT and NDRC concerning Reduction of Port Construction/Port Due and Port Security [No.JSF(2020)33], we hereby would like to notify our refund application procedure as follows :

1. Please fill in the attached application form accurately and affix your company stamp,

2. Please forward your duly filled / stamped application form to your agent for their validation via stamp and delivery to the following email addresses:

口/Export :

口/Export :

口/Export :

口/Import :

We will review each application form as soon as possible and process the amount that should be refunded with your designated agent once everything is confirmed in order. Please ensure that the agent you filled in the application form is the same as the one who paid the relevant fees on your behalf. Please fill in the accurate Chinese and English name of you as well as that of your agent and keep in touch with your agent regarding the refund progress.

To benefit from this refund as earlier as possible, you are invited to complete the above-mentioned refund application procedures by or before 31 Dec 2020.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact our local office.

Thanks for your continuous support to our business and we remain at your service.

CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd.

For and on behalf of


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