Yantian terminal gate-in arrangement and Yantian port call omissions (Update 3)

Per the latest advice from the Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT), congestion continues to ease, and yard density continues to decrease. Terminal productivity has improved with more workers returning and more berths reopening. Improvements are on track for resumption of normal terminal operations before July.

The gate-in arrangements remain as follows:

From 15 June 0000 hours
• Gate-in of laden containers only if load vessel’s ETA is within 7 days
• Daily gate-in quota increase to 8,000 trucks, and expected to increase further
• Pick-up of empty* or laden containers remain permissible, as per normal

*All empty containers will only be available for pick-up 5 days before ETD.

Updated Yantian port call omission

For schedule integrity, please find below the latest list of vessel voyages that will be omitting their Yantian calls:

Service Vessel name Voyage Number Original Yantian ETA Alternative POD Alternative POL
COLSUEZ CMA CGM Jules Verne 0TUJ9S1MA 18 June Shanghai Xiamen
COLSUEZ CMA CGM Leo 0TUJDS1MA 24 June Nansha/ Shekou Nansha/ Shekou
Columbus JAX CMA CGM Corte Real 0TUHVE1MA 16 June Vung Tau -
Columbus JAXCMA CGM J. Madison 0TUHZE1MA 22 June Shekou Shekou
GGB APL Columbus 0GX17EMA 2 July Nansha/ Shekou Nansha/ Shekou
FAL CMA CGM Louis Bleriot 0FL9LW1MA 16 June Nansha Nansha
FALCMA CGM Jacques Saade 0FL9NW1MA 22 June Nansha Nansha
FAL3 CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin 0FM7FW1MA 17 June Shekou Shekou
FAL3CMA CGM Bougainville 0FM7HW1MA 22 June Shekou Shekou
MEX1 CMA CGM Tenere 0ME9JW1MA 20 June Nansha Nansha
PEARL CMA CGM Lyra 0TX91E1MA 18 June Nansha Nansha
PEARL CMA CGM G. Washington 0TX8OW1MA 25 June Nansha Nansha

For affected shipments, you may want to consider loading at the alternative port suggested in the table.

Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation and to keep you apprised of the latest updates.

We thank you for your business and continued support.