Closure of the Yié-Owando section from 20 December 2019

Following the increase in log carrier traffic and overloads, National Road No. 2 in the section Yié-Owando is undergoing a continuous and very pronounced degradation, which exposes it to the risk of cuts.

The government has decided to gradually upgrade this axix.

During the work, traffic will be strictly prohibited for log trucks on the one hand and heavy goods transport, above a total laden weight of 30 tonnes on the other hand.

Log trucks and heavy goods transport traffic will use it from 20 December 2019,

the so-called road foresters whose route is as follow:

Owando – Ngoko – Kemvouomo – Ewo – Onguia – Okoyo – Okali – Lekana – Kébana – Ingoumina (Zanaga) – Mapali – Missama – Makabana – Mila-Mila – Mandzi – Nkoungou (Hinda) – Pointe-Noire