Ocean Alliance Powered by CMA CGM – Fast and reliable services connecting France to Asia and America

Ocean Alliance France

Every day more than 400 people divided across 9 CMA CGM offices in France work with a wide knowledge of customer needs and service delivery. CMA CGM serves in France 11 ports of call thanks to 36 direct services and an excellent own connecting feedering service.

Ocean Alliance permits to CMA CGM in France to enhance its services from/to Asia and America, to optimize the transit times and to offer a multitude of connections in order to respond to customer needs, who are a priority for the Group.

Ocean Alliance France

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Imports from Asia to Europe: reliable services with enhanced connections

Imports from Asia to North Europe

  • Excellent transit times connecting France (Le Havre with FAL 3 service and Dunkirk with FAL 1 service) to Asia: China, Japan, South East Asia
  • To Dunkirk:
    Port Transit time
    Tianjin Xinyang 39 days
    Busan 36 days
    Qingdao 34 days
    Shanghai 31 days
    Ningbo 30 days
    Yantian 27 days
    Singapore 23 days
  • To Le Havre:
    Port Transit time
    Qingdao 31 days
    Dalian 31 days
    Ningbo 30 days
    Shanghai 29 days
    Yantian 25 days
    Caimep 22 days
    Singapore 19 days
  • Efficient transit times to Qingdao and Dalian for Reefer services from Le Havre (FAL 3 – 31 days) and Dunkirk (FAL 1 – 34 days)
  • The enhanced FAL 3 service, which connects Asia to France, now arrives Le Havre on Saturday nights. This allows containers to be available Monday mornings and with free storage until Wednesday, clients can schedule their deliveries efficiently.
  • Best transit times of the market from le Havre (Departure on Monday) to Bassens and Montoir (arrival on Wednesday) - via Atlantic feeder and EURAF 1 service (Direct call)
  • Express transit times with FAL service to Busan, Yantian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Singapore, Vung Tau Dalian, Hong Kong, Kobe, Nagoya, Qingdao, Tokyo, Xiamen, Tianjin Xingang

Imports from Asia to South Europe

Global coverage with 10 Port of loadings: Qingdao / Busan / Shanghai / Xiamen / Nansha / Yantian / Singapore / Ningbo / Kaohsiung / Hong Kong

Exports from Europe to Asia: a global market offering with a wide range of services

Exports from South Europe to Asia

  • The enhanced MEX service, which connects France to Asia, allowing 11 direct calls (Mediterranean/ Arab Gulf/ Asia) and 2 departures from Fos per week permitting a reduction of ports congestion
  • Global coverage in South East Asia owing to two transshipment hubs (Singapore and Port Kelang)
    - Improvement of buyers consolidation
    - Ocean Alliance is the only alliance to offer two hubs on South East Asia : facility to serve the region
    - Customer centric focus
  • Connection with 11 Ports of delivery from FOS via MEX 1 and MEX 2 services: Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Port Kelang, Singapore, Jebel Ali, Jeddah, Colombo
  • Faster transit times to Shanghai, Xiamen and Hong Kong

Exports from North Europe to Asia

Faster transit times from North Europe:

Port Transit time
Xiamen 30 days
Nansha or Shekou 33 days
Busan 37 days
Port Kelang 24 days

Exports from Europe to the USA: a large French network base for 100% customer focus

  • Global coverage in France with 9 agencies (Paris, Marseilles, Le Havre, Lyon, Strasbourg, Montoir Bordeaux, Dunkirk, Rouen) which permits us to be close to our customers and allows a quicker and more hands on approach in handling business.
  • A new call in Le Havre on a Saturday now allows one day more to our customers to make the Automated Manifest System in France
  • The improvement of the Liberty Bridge service now also permits a new call in New York on Mondays instead of Fridays. This has enhanced the opportunity for customers to recover their containers and to deliver imports during the week without losing 2 days over the weekend. (A reduction in parking costs in particularly for Reefer Services).

Imports from the USA to Europe: competitive transit times connecting Central America to Europe

  • Victory Bridge service is the most competitive service from Le Havre to Mexico and the Gulf.
  • Excellent transit times: 19 days to Vera Cruz and 15 to Houston