New valued-added service: VGM weighing for customers of CMA CGM

Dear valued customers,

We are pleased to announce a new service which will streamline and simplify processes for our customers: From now on, CMA CGM offers VGM weighing for Carrier’s Haulage transports via German ports in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The cost for VGM weighing amounts to EUR 150 per container (rail/truck combined)
Please note that we charge a VGM cancellation fee of EUR 25 per container if a VGM order has been cancelled after submitting the same to CMA CGM

How to arrange VGM weighing with CMA CGM:

  1. Simply mention “Please arrange VGM” in the remarks field of your export booking.
  2. Booking including VGM weighing order will be transferred to our booking and intermodal department.
  3. Once available, the weighing note will be sent to you by our customer service team.
  4. You can upload the details of the VGM note on our website afterwards:

In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local CMA CGM representative.

Best regards

CMA CGM (Deutschland) GmbH Shipping Agency

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Remarks: Only valid for shipments via German ports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven). Shipper is still fully responsible for the VGM even if weighing is handled by a third party. CMA CGM shall not be liable for any costs or delays incurred during the weighing process (e.g. increased waiting times, new arrivals) or for any further costs that may result (e.g. due to delayed shipments to shipowners or storage/non-loading charges in seaport). If shipper makes his own arrangements with weighing facility, the cost will be limited to a multistop and possible waiting hours. Shipper will have full responsibility regarding the weighing note, i.e. he will have to recover the weighing note from the weighing facility and insert the weight on our website.