OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM: enhanced solutions for Asian, American, and Central European markets

Ocean Alliance Germany

CMA CGM Germany GmbH is part of the network of more than 600 owned agencies worldwide. The company offers innovative services, efficiency and years of shipping expertise. For this purpose they use comprehensive concepts consisting of end-to-end and door-to-door solutions. In addition, we individually combine maritime and inland shipping as well as railway transport, cargo handling and overland logistics services.

CMA CGM Germany GmbH is headquartered in Bremen. Most departments, logistics, documentation and operations are centralized at our biggest office: In Hamburg – home of Germany’s biggest port and Northern Europe‘s „Gateway to the World“.

CMA CGM in Germany

  • 6 Offices in Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart
  • 3 Ports: Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven
  • 21 Services
  • 22 calls per week on German Ports and additional calls of own and external Feeder services to cover all Scandinavian and Baltic regions
  • also responsible for the agencies in: Basel & Geneva in Switzerland, Bratislava in Slovakia, Praha in Czech Republic and Vienna in Austria

OCEAN ALLIANCE: impressive offering in Germany

  • New solution to Poland and Central Europe
  • Comprehensive network of German and Central Europe inland solutions in project phase (blocktrains / depots / etc.).
  • A compact and solid service package – A vast coverage of all European and Asian ports with highly efficient tonnage and competitiveness.
  • With Wilhelmshaven CMA CGM GERMANY have an additional good opportunity for the German market as 3rd German port of call.
  • Wilhelmshaven as the only deep water port in Germany, will give to CMA CGM another opportunity to cover the central European region and offers to customers now a complete coverage of all German ports.
  • Increased capacity on Liberty service = 180 TEU per week more allocation

OCEAN ALLIANCE in Germany: fastest transit times

  • Reduced transit times to / from several Chinese ports, as well to from Germany to New York and Norfolk
  • Faster transit time to North America:
    • ex Bremerhaven to New York: 9 days instead of 12 days – Liberty Service
    • ex Bremerhaven to Norfolk: 12 days instead of 15 days – Liberty Service
    • ex Bremerhaven to Charleston (best and fastest service on the market – Victory Service) to Charleston: 9 days
  • Faster transit time to/ex China:
    • Ex Germany (Hamburg) to Shanghai: 31 days instead of 36
    • Ex Germany to Dalian: 37 days instead of 40 days
    • Ex Qingdao & Dalian: fastest transit time comparing to competitors to Hamburg (36 days ex TAO and 38 ex DLC)