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CMA CGM - All in One - India

Key Figures



25Weekly Calls

Weekly Calls

12Weekly Mainline Service


6Gateway Ports & 9 Feeder Ports


CMA CGM, your expert shipping line in India


CMA CGM Group in India is a strong and intricate network of 27 offices spread across the nation, employing 600+ people.

We offer a wide range of shipping solutions: 6 gateway ports and 9 feeder ports within the country. We also provide intermodal solutions covering accessibility to and from more than 60+ inland locations.

CMA CGM operates 14 direct weekly services calling in and out of India truly offering excellent global connectivity to Europe, U.S., Africa, South America, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East Gulf.

Office 2 The CMA CGM Group’s mission is to contribute to sustainable globalization through better balanced international trade that fosters both economic and social development while respecting the integrity of all men and women and the planet. With a presence in 160 countries through 755 offices, 750 warehouses, 110,000 employees and a wide fleet of 566 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates 285 shipping lines. The CMA CGM Group is dedicated to the growth of all its stakeholders. We own a diverse portfolio of brands and subsidiaries that take care of our customers and their cargo wherever they are in the world, door-to-door.

office 3 CMA CGM Group has strong family values. As part of this group, CMA CGM Ghana focuses on the customer. At CMA CGM Ghana, generating a positive customer experience helps us reinforce trust with our customers. Focusing on the customer offers us a great opportunity to differentiate ourselves. CMA CGM Ghana prides itself in the deep relationship it maintains with its customers. In this light of creating an easy and reliable workspace for our customers, we have developed many efficient digital tools to enable them to fulfill all their business transactions only at the click of a button and in the convenience of their own offices. Customers can access Shipment Information, Tracking, Invoicing etc. via My CMACGM or Additional Links tab. CMA CGM Ghana is best solution for all transportation and logistics needs. CMA CGM Ghana is expertise in the carriage of all types of cargo; reefer, Out of Gauge, hazardous cargo, etc

Lines Services

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China India Express (CIX/CIMEX CS)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 6, Ports of Call - 13, Duration - 42 Days

India East Coast Express (IEX/CIMEX 2E)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 6, Ports of Call - 11, Duration - 42 Days

Asia Subcontinent Express (AS1/CIMEX 2K)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 6, Ports of Call - 10, Duration - 42 Days

Asia Subcont. Exp 6 Central China 4 (AS6/CIMEX 2K2)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 12, Ports of Call - 16, Duration - 84 Days

China India Express 3 (CI3/CIMEX2N)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 07, Ports of Call - 12, Duration - 49 Days

Asia Subcontinent Express 8 (AS8)


Frequency Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 05, Ports of Call - 07, Duration - 35 Days

Europe Pakistan India Consortium 1


Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 8, Ports of Call - 14, Duration - 56 Days



Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 8, Ports of Call - 13, Duration - 56 Days



Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 7, Ports of Call - 18, Duration - 49 Days



Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 9, Ports of Call - 10, Duration - 63 Days

Mediterranean Sea - Middle East/India


Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 8, Ports of Call - 17, Duration - 56 Days

Midas 1

Midas 1

Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 10, Ports of Call - 12, Duration - 70 Days

Midas 2

Midas 2

Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 6, Ports of Call - 06, Duration - 42 Days

New North Europe Med Oceania


Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 14, Ports of Call - 20, Duration - 98 Days



Frequency- Weekly, Vessel Fleet - 5, Ports of Call - 05, Duration - 17 Days

CMA CGM India - Quality Policy and Objectives

CMA CGM Quality Policy and Objectives

CMA CGM India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


A wide range of services dedicated to our customers

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Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience. Optimize your shipping transactions process through CMA CGM eBUSINESS Web Platform -A platform designed for improving customer’s transactions management.

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Please contact Mailour eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.

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