Kenya Inland Solutions – Intermodal Services

CMA CGM Kenya Inland Network offers its customers a full door to door service, fully integrated with shipping services. Inland solutions available on the entire national territory by road and rail are adapted to your needs. Whether on Import or Export, CMA CGM is responsible for the continuous delivery of your containers, promoting the most environmentally friendly solution for the environment.

CMA CGM Strengths

  • The Through B/L service includes the DTHC costs (if overborder shipment) and the oncarriage of containers from alongside ship to place of delivery.
  • The service also includes the charges for detention, demurrage, container rental up to final destination as well as the port and transit clearance.
  • The exchange of the original B/L and the control of the container seal number is made at destination by our agent to guarantee the safety of your goods.
  • D&D only applicable in case of depot delivery at final destination should the detention of container exceed the local free time allowed.

If you request information or quotation regarding our TBL service in Kenya, please contact Caroline NJERI Mail



CMA CGM TBL East Africa

CMA CGM TBL Rate to Embakasi

TBL from Mombasa port to ICD Embakasi.

  • USD705/20’ – up to 30 tons.
  • USD945/40’ - up to 20 tons
  • USD995/40’ – between 20 and 30 tons
  • In-Gauge Open top Additional - USD 50/20’ and USD 100/40’

The above rate includes below services:

  • Railage from Mombasa to ICD Embakasi.
  • 21 free days from arrival date at ICD Embakasi
  • Return of the empty container from ICD Embakasi to Mombasa.

Customers agent to drop off at ICD Embakasi with a pre advise issued by CMA CGM nominated vendor mentioned on the guarantee form.

Rate valid up to 30/06/2020

For any quotation request of TBL for dry export and for reefer import & export, please contact NJERI Caroline