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"CMA CGM Shipping, Marine Transport and Vessels Companies Agent’s Company, Kuwait”


The CMA CGM group is having its presence in Kuwait market since almost two decades with their local JV Partner M/S. Abdul-Rahman Mohamad Al-Bahar and Sons Co. WLL. The office is located at Kuwait City which is near to SHUWAIKH Port. CMA CGM is serving two Ports in Kuwait - i.e. SHUWAIKH and SHUAIBA with weekly feeder service from/to JEBEL ALI Port in UAE. The business operation for both Ports are controlled by a single office with dedicated and experienced staffs who are competent to assist their customers for their entire shipping needs.

CMA CGM KUWAIT OFFICE“The carrier who cares” CMA CGM Group - it’s all about customers’ satisfaction; to meet and exceed their expectations. At CMA CGM, customers are placed at the heart of our corporate strategy.

CMA CGM Group is well-known in the state of Kuwait and considered as a one stop for quality shipping and logistics services. With a passion to serve our ever increasing clientele base, we have continuously explore new business opportunities and succeed to meet the satisfaction of the customers. The timely support and assistance to the customers made CMA CGM in Kuwait as a customer friendly ship agency in the country. Our excellent relations with the Port, Customs & Terminal authorities ensures a quick and efficient services to the customers as well as Principals. The well trained and professional staffs of CMA CGM are their assets to attract the customers to choose CMA CGM as their preferred carrier because of the timely assistance and support the customers are experiencing always.

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Containers and vessels:

image Since shipping is the cheapest service mode of transport to move the goods worldwide, and being containerized shipping the safest way to move the cargo, CMA CGM is having their own containers and vessels to meet the customers’ various requirements.


CMA CGM operates a fleet of over 3,900,000 TEU containers . The dry containers are categorized for various types of cargo which are having different dimensions:

  • Bulk, Bags, Cartons etc. in standard DRY containers
  • Out of gauge goods and project cargo etc. on special equipment line OPEN TOP & FLAT RACK containers
  • Palletized high volume cargo in HIGH CUBE containers
  • Liquid cargo like chemicals or edible oils in TANK containers
  • Pharmaceutical, Fruit & Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Poultry and other temperature controlled items in reefer containers


CMA CGM is having a fleet of 494 vessels plying across the globe with a combined capacity of 2.53 Million TEUS which is a remarkable achievement for the group. As a part of the CMA CGM Global network connectivity, we are constantly looking forward to provide new, innovate and comprehensive shipping solutions to serve our customers by connecting them globally through the trans-shipment Ports in UAE as well as various other hub Ports by providing shortest transit time to deliver their cargo.

Being the cargo to Kuwait (SHUWAIKH & SHUAIBA Ports) are to be trans-shipped at UAE Ports, CMA CGM is having a dedicated feeder arrangements from related trans-shipment Ports for the prompt connection of cargo from across the globe

Demurrage and Detention


The charge, related to the use of the equipment only, the merchant pays for carrier's equipment kept beyond the free time allowed by the carrier for taking delivery of goods in the port, terminal or depot.


The charge the merchant pays for detaining carrier's equipment outside the port, terminal or depot, beyond the free time.

Like all other carriers, CMA CGM is also providing reasonable free time to their customers to keep Line’s containers in customers’ custody for want of stuffing/un-stuffing the cargo in it. Customers can avail the permitted free time without incurring any cost, but after the permitted free time, then there will be applicable fees for detaining the containers by the customer as per applicable tariff.


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