Paperless Bill of lading, a digital way to Transact OBL’s

Dear Valued Customer,

In our continued efforts to improve our service towards our Customers, CMA CGM has launched Paperless BL facility.

CMA CGM’s Paperless bill of lading (eBL) application gives you the ability to create, send and manage bills of lading digitally with greater accuracy, integrity and speed. This reduces the likelihood of any potential fraud, errors and the cost of administration.

CMA CGM’s Paperless Bill of Lading is a powerful combination of a legal framework and technology which replicates the core elements of a traditional paper bill of lading, namely its functions as a receipt, evidence of the contract of carriage and as a document of title.

Paperless Bill of Lading issued by CMA CGM group is accepted and recognised by International Group of P&I Clubs.