Value Added Services: CMA CGM Latvia upgrades service package

New Year is coming, people prepare gifts for the beloved ones. CMA CGM continues to foretell their customer needs and comes up with new gift!

The one below is only a part of Huge variety of additional services we are going to present to you.

It has already conquered the minds of Shippers and Consignees, sellers and buyers. The news that is going to shake the world!

Usually, Buying and Selling globally is a complex activity.

Have you ever wondered what if you can reduce risks by having more clients and suppliers? What if you can reach new zones for your product? What if climatic conditions make you lose your suppliers’ production? And a lot more questions you face trying to sell the product.

With local presence in more than 160 countries, CMA CGM is a global supply chain player with unique knowledge of the market actors.

We aim at becoming your privileged partners, helping you develop your business easily thanks to our market knowledge.

That’s why we created NETWORKING SERVICE, to provide you new reliable business opportunities.

The solution to expand your business saving time and money

  • by connecting importers and exporters registered on CMA CGM track record, generating new trade relations …
  • relying on the Network of CMA CGM to find you the most reliable and relevant business partners according to your specific needs

As a seller your benefits are more than obvious:

You will be able to reach new markets and new customers

Diversify your customers portfolio

Benefit from CMA CGM track record to find certified partners

Reduce sales & prospection costs and hassle

Find alternatives in case of loss of customers

Interested? Please contact our specialists for more information.