Serenity by CMA CGM: The shipping of your containers in serenity

Different from a simple Cargo Insurance (type ICC A standard), Cargo Value Serenity, the first product in the Serenity range aimed at offering simpler, faster and customized solutions to secure your business. It’s a guarantee that allow you to manage your logistic chain risk in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

Today, with CARGO VALUE SERENITY, CMA CGM breaks codes and changes the rules of the game. It thus extends its field of responsibilities and differentiates itself from all the industry.

Responsible or not, CMA CGM undertakes as part of Serenity to reimburse its customer in case his goods are damaged or lost during transport:

- Up to the full secured cargo value ;

- Within a maximum of 30 days.

With Cargo Value Serenity :

- No more endless legal dispute and procedure ;

- No more limitation (scope and level of compensation) ;

- No more negative commercial impacts with our client ;

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For more information, please contact our Commercial Director Mr. CAMARA Soumaila or Mr. DIARRA SouleymaneMail