Local Services



Beyond the maritime transport service, CMA CGM Morocco offers its customers a variety of complementary services. These services mainly concern customs clearance, container storage, preparation of the BESC (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) and inland transport of containers covered by the “intermodal” section.

BESC Preparation

In order to facilitate customers export procedures to West Africa, CMA CGM Morocco offers you a BESC preparation service (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) which allows you to save time and be more efficient by having only one interlocutor who takes care of everything.


Customs Clearance

Thanks to a team of customs clearance experts, in collaboration with an approved partner, CMA CGM Morocco offers its customers the possibility of managing their customs clearance process, whether for import or export, in order to allow them save time (fast customs clearance), increase their efficiency (one-stop shop for transport and customs clearances) and gain in reliability (monitoring regular and day-to-day customs clearance process).


Container Storage

With several containers depots meeting international standards located in strategic areas with strong rail and road access and logistics specialists ensuring the proper functioning of these depots 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, CMA CGM Morocco offers its customers the best container storage service.


Container trading

For customers using their own containers for the transport of goods or for any other use, we offer a sales service for new or used containers of any type (Dry, Reefer, Specific) according to your needs.


Ethylene absorption filters

Do you suffer from a deterioration in the quality of your fruits and vegetables (loss of color, flavor and weight) as well as a reduction in their shelf life? CMA CGM Morocco has decided to offer you a solution in the form of filters absorbing ethylene and other gases (acetaldehyde, ethanol), microorganisms as well as any odor that may have a negative impact on the products transported.


DRYFREIGHT BAGS Humidity Control

The DRYFREIGHT BAGS humidity control is a new innovative solution which consists in using bags composed of calcium chloride allowing to absorb the humidity in your containers and protects you against all the vagaries that may result, especially when the trip is long or the weather conditions are bad.

Container Reuse

Do you think that transporting empty containers can be a waste of time? CMA CGM offers you a solution to put an end to these empty moves by linking your import flows to your export needs. As a result, we make sure that the containers you receive on import are reused for your export operations, which saves you time.


Express Release

Sending your B/L to your customer is difficult, risky and time consuming. As a result, we offer you our Express Release service which allows you to release the goods, at your signal, without submitting the original B/L to destination by your customer.