Local Services

MOZEX West Bound


  • Fixed-day weekly direct service between Asia and Mozambique with en-route calls in Indian Ocean
  • Optimum coverage of Mozambique with weekly calls at Maputo, Beira and Nacala
  • Mozambique is used as a gateway to reach East and Austral Africa land -locked countries Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Text: NOURA line is a 12-day long service that connects directly the Mozambican ports of Nacala and Beira to Middle Eastern countries on a weekly basis.


  • Weekly service with a fleet of 5 vessels of 2200 TEU operated by CMA CGM
  • Noura service dedicated to Indian Ocean market will add 2 ports in Mozambique on a fortnightly basis
  • Direct link to Beira from UAE ports in 12 days, excellent transit from India West Coast in 22 days
  • Competitive transit time for Mozambique exports

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